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The Future Of Retail: 3 Ways To Make Your Business Survive

COVID-19 came with all guns blazing just when retail was seeing a renaissance after years of being set back by e-commerce. It forced stores to close down and sent shoppers back online. By mid-august 2020, close to 30 large retail corporations – including Neiman Marcus and J.C. Penney – had filed for bankruptcy and more than 10,000 retail stores had permanently pulled their shutters down. That online shopping and buy and sell websites have become the default choice for shoppers is no surprise. But as shoppers ponder what to buy and where to buy it, e-commerce is dividing out into cool little niches, each with something unique to offer.

There’s no denying it – the future of retail, for the most part, is online.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, it’s time you thought about taking it digital. Windo is among the best platforms to sell online. Here are 3 ways you can use it to do a pivot in your strategy and sell online for free.

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Mirror The Physical Store Experience Online

Agreed, it’s easier said than done. But there are ways to simulate the in-person experience in your digital store. A pre-covid study brought to light that over half of all millennials shop in physical stores at least once weekly. The reasons ranged from the joy of browsing and touching and trying on products, to the rush of emotions from taking something home. These are all ‘touch and feel’ elements that are hard to replicate online. But with strategies like augmented reality trial rooms, periodic samples sent via post, and immersive high-resolution photos that rotate 360-degrees, you can bring a product to life through the screen.

Create a Rewards Program

With a rewards program, you can not just create loyalty and stickiness, but also collect shopper details, track behavior, and create tailored promotions. Moments of joy can become deep-seated in buyers’ memories, creating positive associations for future purchases. The Windo app offers an analytics dashboard that allows you to deep dive into customer data.

Keep Discounting On The Backburner

Discounts don’t buy you loyalty. the moment you have a competitor with deeper discounts, off your customers will go. research shows that getting your products right while maintaining standard pricing can accelerate your growth in the long run. price slashes, on the other hand, will get you short-term customers and be problematic for your brand. a great storefront on Windo can be one way to elevate the customer shopping experience. the best way to sell online – and to put your sales on autopilot – is with compelling product images.

taking your business from physical to digital requires a lot of thought, but it can save you a lot of investment. with Windo, you can sell online for free and add value to your brand.


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