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App Conversion Rate Optimization: What It Is and 15 Tips to Increase It

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

The percentage of users who take the desired action like downloading an app or making a purchase is called the conversion rate. App conversion rate is simply the percentage of users who download your app. Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is a marketing method used to increase conversion rate. Stay with us to learn what is CRO, and how to use it effectively to increase your app conversion rates.

What is the mobile app conversion (MAC) rate?

As discussed, the conversion rate is when a user completes a desired action, it could be a sign-up, a download, purchase, etc. The mobile app conversion rate is very similar and is usually calculated in two ways:

  1. App downloads

  2. App purchases

Conversion rate is an important metric as it defines the success of your app, which is why it is important to focus on increasing conversion rates.

How can you calculate app conversion rate?

The conversion rate is always calculated in percentages. To calculate your app conversion rate, divide the number of conversions by the total number of visitors and multiply this by 100.

What is considered a good app conversion rate?

A conversion rate of 1 to 2% is considered a good average. This is the general consensus across analysis provided by brands and independent researchers. So, if your app conversion rate is more than 2% you are in a good place.

How can I increase the app conversion rate?

Strategies used to improve app conversion rate are called conversion rate optimization. Constantly optimizing your app for better conversion is something you should do to eventually grow your business. In this blog, we’ve listed 15 tips you can follow to increase app conversions.

Your app should be easy to install

Installation is the first step in the user’s journey and this has to be seamless and smooth. The smallest obstacle can deter your user from going further. The access and installation flow of your app should be well structured and streamlined. Make sure your sign-up and lead generation forms ask for the least information. The fewer fields to fill out, the higher the conversion.

Make a good first impression

Internet users have an attention span of 5 secs, this is the time you have to capture your visitor and keep them lured to explore what you have in store. So your first impression is crucial. Tell your users what your app is and the problem it can solve for them in the first view. Use optimal graphics in the First Impression Frame in the App store and Feature Graphics in Google Play Store. Also, write a crisp and clear description.

Buyer personas

Different users will perceive your app in different ways, every user has a different goal and purpose. It’s best to address specific problems for specific users. Create buyer personas so that you understand what your target audience is expecting from you. Customize your campaigns based on personas, this will help you understand which group is performing well and aid your optimization efforts.

Fast-loading application

It is better to have a fast-loading application or increase its speed in every way possible. It will help you retain and boost your mobile conversion rate. In addition, you can start using a mobile-friendly theme that doesn’t contradict your website’s desktop version.

Or enabling browser caching is another excellent way to give a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. An average user is most likely to visit your website several times before converting, so browser caching works magically to keep your users engaged.

Customize your application for different platforms

Although different platforms have many similarities, users and user experience on each are not similar. You must customize your app based on the platform you are serving. Whether it is design, resources or campaigns, ensure you are aware of the differences on each platform.

Create campaigns to enhance the user experience based on the platform your app is being served so you can get maximum conversions.

App optimization for search

Optimizing your app for search comes amongst the primary strategies to boost your app’s conversion rate. You should use a suitable title, description, screenshots, and icons to feature your app directly in the app’s store’s top browser results.

Also, app optimization helps increase the number of installs and alter the app’s page copy and design for more relativity. Therefore, it would be best if you remained on top of your App Store Optimization (ASO).

Localization should not be missed

Localization adds to user experience, when users see an app in their own language it is easier for them to connect with it, and therefore higher the chances of conversion. Localization can also help you create custom strategies and campaigns for users in different countries.

It is not likely that a user in one country will connect with the same campaign in another. Regional marketing is important, make sure you translate your app features and descriptions to local languages. This will help you appeal to a larger audience eventually favoring conversions.

Keep track of your in-app funnel

Some of the major phases in the mobile app conversion campaign is known as the in-app funnel. You should keep track of your in-app funnel to comprehend the problems and strategize to increase conversions.

Every stage of the campaign has its unique strategies- this is required to be updated and maintained consistently. Make sure you identify all the in-app funnel stages and plan accordingly to boost conversions.


Remarketing or retargeting is a strategy that helps you keep your brand in front of an audience that has dropped off. Retargeting can help you reach 98% of visitors who have dropped off and have not converted.

Retargeting is done using a simple JavaScript based on cookies to follow your audience. It keeps your app on the radar of the user constantly reminding them of your app and most likely leading to higher conversions. A good retargeting campaign can lead visitors to reconsider converting.

Stick to meaningful ads

Ads can be really annoying and prompt users to lose interest, but at the same time, they are a significant income source for app owners like you. So to make this work to your advantage, you can remain stuck to meaningful and valuable ads only.

Analyze your users and focus on ads that can purge excitement and interest from them. Also, connecting with your users through the ads can significantly affect your conversion and purchase rates.

Push notifications

Push notifications can help you understand user behavior and intentions. It helps you create user segments, and personas. With this, you can create personalized push notifications to lead your users to convert.

It is important to send push notifications according to a user’s expectations and needs, otherwise, it may have a negative effect. Another point to note is to ensure your push notifications are not too salesy, this might just influence them to uninstall your app.

Visible CTA button

Your app’s design majorly affects your users’ decision-making and leads them to the planned bottom line. A Call-to-Action (CTA) button is an essential tool that raises your chances of increasing your sales or offering authoritative information. In addition, a CTA button helps redirect traffic to the target landing page; resulting in increased conversion rates.

You need to convert a potential client with one line- CTA. You can start by making the button bigger or by giving it a quirky color and appearance.

Avoid repetition

Repetition has a negative impact on user experience and exploration. If a user sees the same message twice, they will assume you do not have anything else to offer and that may lead them to exit your app. Users should see a new message on every page to keep them interested in going through your app and lead to a conversion.

Make your value proposition clear

Showing some value to your customers without any purchase or registration works wonders to your advantage. Offering something valuable and meaningful creates fear of missing out in users’ minds: resulting in a purchase or registration.

Just make sure that the process is user-initiated. This way, they will understand clearly why they should purchase something from you. In a nutshell, you need to clarify to your users what your app does.

Reviews and ratings

Rating and reviews validate your product. It is one of the first things a visitor checks when they intend to download your app or make a purchase. Good ratings and reviews give users an assurance of the action they are about to take. It’s a good marketing strategy to prompt app users to give your app a review and rating to build value and trust. The higher the review and rating the higher the conversion.

To sum it up

App conversion is not a guaranteed number that can single-handedly make your app successful. It helps you understand whether your current strategies are working or you need to optimize. As an app owner, you need to analyze what is affecting your conversion rate and what needs to be changed. Use these tips in all or in combinations to get the best possible results.


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