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Windo v/s Shopify

The eCommerce business has been taking a boost for a few years. The majority of the brands are either selling their products on already established eCommerce platforms or have started their own business online. However, if you are the latter, here's a thing — Starting an eCommerce business is challenging. You need to do everything from scratch, i.e., either you are launching your online store/website from or have multiple web stores. 


Through websites like Windo and Shopify, you can create your online store in a few minutes. Let's understand the differences between the two and help you get the best solution. 

Brief Introduction of Shopify and Windo 


About Shopify 

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce website builders in the industry. Majority of the businesses, from startups to established ones, everyone is using Shopify today. This platform focuses on helping you create an online store from scratch. 


About Windo 

Windo is the best Shopify alternative that allows users to create their online store in 2 minutes and lets you sell your products effectively from one place. The best part about Windo is its zero-commission business model. 


Pros & Cons of Shopify 


  1. It allows multi-channel platform integration i.e., Shopify allows you to manage and analyze all your sales across platforms like Instagram, Amazon, and more. 

  2. Along with sales, managing inventory and big orders can be a complex process. This is where Shopify comes to the rescue because its tools help in managing the same effectively. 

  3. It has numerous tools that can allow you to design an effective and eye catchy online store in a few minutes. 



  1. It prevents users from editing robots.txt files. 

  2. Another main downfall of Shopify is that its transaction fees keep adding way too fast. 

  3. Plus, you would often need developers’ help to build and manage your Shopify store.


Pros & Cons of Windo 



  1. It is one of the most effective and affordable eCommerce platforms in comparison to Shopify.

  2. Because of its affordable pricing plans, many small-scale businesses can leverage this platform without any hassle. 

  3. Its interface is comparatively simple and easy to use. 

  4. You can design and manage your online stores through different devices effectively. 

  5. Windo allows you to easily import images from your social media handles to use on your online store. 


Cons of Windo 

  1. The free-forever plan does come with certain limitations. 



Windo and Shopify both have different pricing plans for their users that they can use as per their budget and convenience. 


Windo comes with 3 plans — Sprout Plan and Blossom Plan. While the former is the forever-free plan, the latter starts at $12 per month. It includes unlimited products, unlimited orders, online payments, and customer support; plus, you also get features like a custom domain, priority customer support, and a 0% transaction fee along with all the features of a forever free plan.


Shopify has 5 main pricing plans. They are as follows: 


  1. Its starter plan starts from $5 per month 

  2. The basic plan starts from $29 per month 

  3. The third plan Shopify starts from $79 per month 

  4. Their advanced plan begins from $299 per month 

  5. And their fifth and final plan begins from $2000 per month


All the plans have access to different tools and benefits. The higher the price, the bigger the benefits. 


You can even use their 14-day trial to understand the working of the platform and then choose a plan accordingly. Shopify also offers discounts to users depending on their countries. You can get a discount of anywhere between 10% to 50%.


Payment Integration 

One part of making an online store successful is making the payment process smoother. Because it removes all the hassles making it seamless for both businesses and customers. 


Windo processes customer transactions securely by easily collecting payments through credit and debit cards, bank transfer, Venmo, PayNow, GCash, Cashapp, UPI, and more. This way you can easily and directly collect payments from your customers without any hassle. 


Shopify has multiple integrations to let you effectively collect payments from your customers; however, Shopify can only be used if you are selling your products through a specific country. And the downside of it is that if your country isn’t on the list, you will have to use a third-party payment gateway. For this, you will be charged the % of sales and the plan you have chosen. 



Remember, you need to leave a long-lasting impression on your audience to encourage them to stick to your online store. One way to do this is by applying themes according to your brand personality. Themes allow you to give an appealing look to your online store and act as an important element to attract your audience. 


One of the best parts about using the Windo eCommerce platform to design your store is its eye catchy theme options. You can select from their 6 different theme options and easily customize your store colors, layout, and design according to your brand colors. 


It provides a unique and creative experience to the users and even allows them to remove unimportant sections from their website or store. 


Shopify too has different theme options available for businesses. You can choose from a variety of different themes based on your brand colors; however, it’s a bit expensive as its premium and attractive themes can easily cost you between $150 to $350. 


Custom Domain 

A custom domain is a unique domain or label that is attached to your website’s IP address. In simple words, it means allowing your customers to type or search your domain name when they want to visit your site or store. 


Windo allows you to easily and effectively integrate or associate your existing website domain with their custom domain feature. Having a branded custom domain can enhance your brand credibility and differentiate your brand from the competitors by giving you a competitive edge. Leveraging Windo’s feature of a custom domain can even help you in creating a unique brand identity. 


You can buy the custom domain setup through Shopify and it will automatically become your primary domain. Along with it, you can even add unlimited subdomains; however, it is only possible if you are a plus member of Shopify which is not affordable for many businesses. 


Live Chat and WhatsApp Integration 

Through Windo’s integration with WhatsApp, you can easily connect with your sellers. This way you can streamline the entire process to let them have easy access to queries via WhatsApp. The best part about Windo’s WhatsApp Integration is you can customize the chat widget and select the particular parts of the screen you want to be visible. 


Shopify allows users to effectively integrate WhatsApp with the platform to track and manage all orders. This can help you in pushing your customers to leave their abandoned carts and complete the purchase. 



If your products cannot reach your customers at the right time and right place, is it even worth it to design an online store? Probably not. Therefore, you need a shipping plugin to connect with trusted shipping partners as per the delivery location. 


Windo focuses on helping you deliver your products to your customers seamlessly. It has multiple shipping partners based on the countries sellers are selling the product from. Their shipping plugin allows you to automatically calculate shipping rates, communicate with customers, and print shipping levels. 


Like Windo, Shopify allows you to automatically calculate shipping rates, print shipping labels, and get discounted rates for shipping labels. However, their shipping plugin is limited to specific countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, and more. So, if your country isn’t on the list, you need to use third-party shipping platforms to ship your products seamlessly to your customers. 


Windo vs Shopify — Which One to Choose? 

Windo is certainly an ideal option for businesses as it is affordable i.e., it provides similar benefits at a low cost. Shopify is one of the best and most popular platforms in the eCommerce industry that comes with several benefits. But it still has drawbacks that push its users away from the platform. 


Small businesses cannot afford Shopify because of its higher pricing plans. Even if they choose to go for their lower-cost plan, they will miss out on the most important features. Along with it, they are restricted to limited countries. So, businesses have to use third-party platforms to use the features of this platform in order to effectively reach out to their customers. 


Verdict: Go with Windo as it is more affordable with effective features and benefits that can take your business to a new level!

  • How to convert my store website to App?
    You can request for APK generation in your seller app/dashboard from settings. You'll receive an Android APK file from our team within a week.
  • How to add the discount coupons?
    In the Settings, you can go to “Discount Coupons” to create coupons for your customers.
  • How do I get customers?
    Windo helps you in creating your online shop & configuring payments & logistics. We are not directly promoting the shops of any business owner. However, you can utilize the benefits we are giving like- Adding coupons, Integration of Google analytics & Facebook pixel, which will help you to understand your customer's behavior & strategize your way of marketing.
  • How can I add my customer’s testimonials?
    In the settings, you can go to “Customer Testimonial” to add testimonials received from your customers and it will start reflecting on your shop for other customers.
  • How can I share my store scan code?
    In the Dashboard, there is an option of Share your shop, you can either Download it or email the scan code to yourself and share it with your potential customers.
  • When can I connect with customer support?
    You can mail us at Or text us by clicking on the Support icon at any time of the day.
  • How can I request a new feature?
    In settings, you can go to “Feature Requests”, to send requests for premium features.
  • To whom should I connect for customer support?
    You can connect Windo team by clicking on the Support icon or mail us at We’ll reach out to you on the same Business day (Monday to Friday) and during weekends we will respond to you within 12 hours (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Where can I see the blogs & tutorials?
    In settings, under Support, you can refer to Blogs. You can see the tutorials on Dashboard or you can visit our YouTube channels to watch tutorials.
  • Why should I choose WINDO?
    If you are starting your business or you just want to scale your business without taking too much effort, then Windo is your answer. Here you get unlimited benefits & features for free.
  • Why should I upgrade my free plan to paid plan?
    In the free plan, you certainly can create a decent shop, but to get more customers and orders, you need to put in a little extra effort & time. This is possible only if you upgrade your free plan to paid plan. Here are some benefits of the paid plan: See your customer’s abandoned cart, Use SEO benefits for your shop’s higher ranking, create discount coupons for your customers & much more.
  • What is WINDO?
    Windo is a tool for any small/medium-scale business owner to create an online shop in minutes without paying anything. One can handle orders end-to-end orders with any mode of payment & delivery.
  • How can I request a new feature?
    First, you need to go to “Settings” and then click on “Feature Requests” to send requests for premium features.
  • How can I customize my shop website?
    You can go to “Settings,” click on “Shop Website,” and there you’ll find all options to customize your shop.
  • How can I add the payment options?
  • What are the payment options customers will get to pay for orders?
  • Are your payment methods safe?
  • Do you take any commission on transactions?
  • What are the payment options customers will get to pay for orders?
  • How does the shipping process work on Windo?
  • What shipping options are available on Windo?
  • Does buyers pay for shipping on Windo?
  • How do I manage shipping on Windo?
  • How can I connect my Domain name to my store?
    In Settings, go to “Shop Website,” where you will see the option of “Custom Domain”, click on it and fill in the required details and lastly, click on Connect to connect your Domain.
  • How long does it take for my domain to propagate?
    It may take up to 48-72 hours for your domain’s records to propagate and for your site to appear worldwide.
  • How can I disconnect my domain?
    If you want to disconnect your domain anytime from your WINDO Shop anytime, you can remove or reset your A or CNAME records back to your previous record mapping.
  • How many times can I change my domain?
    Not more than 3 times a week.
  • Can my post caption also be synced?
    No, you can only sync the images.
  • How much time is required to sync my Instagram products?
    You can sync your Instagram products within a few minutes.
  • How many products I can sync?
    You can sync unlimited products.
  • After connecting my Instagram to the Windo shop then my latest product will be synced?
    Your Instagram will be synced every 24 hours.
  • How many themes are currently available?
    You can select from 5 theme options available on our app or you can go ahead and build your own theme.
  • How to do the layout customization?
    In Settings, go to “Shop Website,” where you’ll see the option of “Themes” click on it, and you’ll see two options, themes & Layout customization. On click of “Layout customization,” you will see all the options where you can enable or disable a particular section to customize the layout of your store.
  • Can I change the color of my store?
    To customize the color of a selected theme, you can go to themes in settings and click on details. Click on “Pick color” to choose primary and secondary colors for your store.
  • How can I change themes?
    Go to Settings, You’ll see the “Shop website” heading; below that, click on Themes, where you can see multiple themes. You can select a theme for a single product or multiple products per your requirements.
  • How can I connect with my buyers?
    In Settings, go to “Shop Website,” where you’ll see the option of “Live Chat Settings” click on it to enable the Live chat option and connect with your customers.
  • Can I disable the live chat widget?
    Yes, you can do so by disabling the toggle switch present in live chat settings.
  • Can my buyers connect with me via WhatsApp?
    Yes, they can. You need to customize your live chat feature and select WhatsApp as your widget.
  • Can I place the chat widget anywhere on the screen?
    No, you can place the chat widget on the top right corner or bottom right corner of the screen.
  • What is Facebook pixel & how will it be helpful for my business?
    Facebook pixel can be used to track conversion from Facebook ads. You can also retarget people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.
  • How can I understand my user behavior & what actions they take on my website?
    By configuring Google analytics and Facebook pixels.
  • What is Google Analytics & how will it help my business?
    Google Analytics can be used to measure your shop’s data that will provide insights into your business and you can strategize accordingly.

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