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Windo v/s WooCommerce

Before the internet took over, businesses never contemplated an online store. Thus, it is difficult to create and design an online store. But what’s tougher is choosing the right eCommerce platform to create an online store. 


Windo and WooCommerce are two top eCommerce platforms with their own pros and cons. In this article, we will break the comparison of their features and help you choose the right platform that fits your business needs. 



What is Windo? 

Windo is a simple and effective eCommerce platform helping businesses to create a beautiful online store in just a few minutes. It’s a Shopify alternative that lets businesses like yours sell their products and services from a single place through a hassle-free process. 


Its advanced features and flexibility can turn any website into a fully-functional eCommerce store. 


What is WooCommerce? 

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin that is built on WordPress. It is a customizable and effective eCommerce solution that commonly helps brands to create an eCommerce store. It allows you to add extensions easily and customize your online store as per your needs. 


Windo vs WooCommerce: A Detailed Comparison 

While both Windo and WooCommerce offer the best eCommerce solutions to create an online store, it is still interesting to compare them on various fronts. 



Pricing is the basic and prominent factor to consider when choosing an eCommerce platform. An eCommerce platform may be providing the best possible solutions but may not be the right fit for your budget. 


Windo has two pricing plans: The Sprout Plan and The Blossom Plan. 


Their Sprout Plan is forever-free. It costs nothing but offers important eCommerce features like unlimited orders, unlimited products, seamless online payments, and excellent customer support. 


Whereas the Blossom Plan costs $12 per month. It has all the features of the Sprout Plan along with a custom domain, 0% transaction fee, and priority customer support. 


WooCommerce doesn’t cost anything to businesses to get started; however, you will be liable to pay for a domain name, web hosting, and SSL certificate that starts from $9 per month. 


For beginner plans, the cost for plugins, security, themes, and website designs will be free. But as you pursue higher plans to leverage more features, it will increase your expense. Because to scale your business, you need to shift to paid themes and plugins for better results. 


Verdict: Windo is clearly the winner in terms of pricing. 



Windo allows users to choose their preferable themes from six different options and customize the store layout and colors as per the brand personality and colors. Their themes are unique and eye-catching which can help you give a unique identity to your business, representing your brand colors, logo, and style. 


Along with it, you can also choose to add or remove any sections like shipping information, marketing banners, and more, that you don’t want to showcase on your online store. 


WooCommerce has thousands of themes available for its users. You can choose the most suitable theme for your business and customize the elements based on your preferences. Whether you are an established business or a startup, WooCommerce is desirable for all your professional needs. 


However, if you want high-quality store design for your business, you should opt for the paid themes. You can choose to pay for more personalized themes and scale your business. The templates range from $39 - $129, which is more expensive than the entire pricing plan of both WooCommerce and Windo. 


Verdict: Windo is a wise option for many businesses, considering its various theme options at an affordable rate as compared to WooCommerce. 


No doubt, the WooCommerce themes look great. But, spending hundreds of dollars on paid themes isn’t a feasible option for small businesses and bootstrapped entrepreneurs. This is where Windo’s easy-on-pocket and equally appealing themes can fill in the gap. 


Payment Integration 

Windo allows businesses to add either online or manual payment methods by connecting various payment gateways that are available in different countries. A simple and seamless payment process like this makes it easier for sellers to sell products or services in different countries. 


Windo has got two major payment plugins: PayPal and Stripe. These payment methods are available in all countries. Besides those, it also offers payment options like Paystack, Flutterwave, Midtrans, and Paytm. Windo even lets businesses add custom payment methods available in the seller’s country for smooth local payments. 


Like Windo, WooCommerce offers PayPal and Stripe as their default payment options. After all, these payment methods are available in all countries. Along with it, the platform has also introduced a WooCommerce payments solution powered by Stripe. 


It allows sellers to add local payment methods by creating add-ons for WooCommerce. In simple terms, this platform supports regional payment services and has even other popular payment integrations like Amazon Pay, Square, Alipay, and more. 


WooCommerce never charges any additional fees unless you are using different payment gateways or services for your business payments. 


Verdict: There is no clear winner here because both Windo and WooCommerce are offering the same payment integrations. 


While WooCommerce does have the big guns in the form of Amazon Pay and Alipay, it’s Windo that offers more convenience to its customers via one-click payment method integrations. 


Live Chat Integration 

Through Windo’s Live Chat Integration, you can easily customize the chat widget and choose the part of the screen that should be made visible to the users. The chat widget is highly customizable in terms of design and its position on the website. A higher level of personalization helps you in building brand credibility and gaining customer trust. 


To use this feature, you can simply go to the live chat option in the settings and choose from chat widget designs and placement options. The icon color will be according to your brand color. This way you won’t lose the originality of the brand. 


WooCommerce’s Live Chat Integration allows you to speak with your customers directly from the WooCommerce website; however, unlike Windo, it’s not free. You will be given a 14-day free trial to test their service. It starts from $16.99 per agent. So, you can test it for 14 days and check if it is a fit for your business or not. 


Verdict: Although WooCommerce’s Live Chat option is effective, it looks costly when compared to Windo’s live chat integration which is free. Moreover, the latter runs with the same effectiveness and efficiency, making it an ideal option for several businesses. 


Ease of Use 

Windo has a user-friendly interface that is simple and easy to use. Users can navigate through the entire website seamlessly. Its seamless process and powerful functionality let you create your online store in just a few clicks.


You can sign up easily on Windo, choose from their various themes, and customize your online store as per your needs. It lets you easily add products to your store and sell them to customers easily. Managing your online store is convenient with Windo and you highly improve your customer experience. 


WooCommerce is super flexible in terms of customization but it isn’t a self-hosted platform. It means you will need to install several plugins to improve the effectiveness of your store. There are plenty of free and paid plugins available to manage your store through WooCommerce. But, in the end, it may increase your expense because, like Windo, they do not offer everything under their basic pricing plan. 


Verdict: Windo is undeniably a winner here in terms of simplicity and user-friendliness. 


Windo or WooCommerce — Which is Better? 

Windo and WooCommerce are two top platforms in the eCommerce market. But Windo is easier and more convenient to use. It is a self-hosted platform and doesn’t require installing additional plugins or extensions. You can get started quickly and design your eCommerce shop in a few minutes. Furthermore, setting up payments and customizing your store is a bit easier compared to WooCommerce. 


The prime advantage of Windo is that it is affordable and offers all the prominent features of WooCommerce. You can upgrade your pricing plan, leverage the additional features, and manage your store effectively. 


And the major disadvantage of WooCommerce is that it comes with a learning curve and requires businesses to invest some time to master the website. Whereas, Windo neither comes with a learning curve nor requires you to have any prior coding knowledge to get started with your eCommerce store. 


If you are looking for a budget-friendly option along with advanced features and a user-friendly interface, Windo is the best option for you. It is hassle-free and can help you boost your business growth seamlessly. 


All you need to do is sign up and get started!

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