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Boost your brand’s credibility by 5x

Build trust, boost credibility, and improve the discoverability of your online store.

How it works

Adding a custom domain to your Windo shop is a 3 step hassle-free process. 

Update the A or CNAME Records in Your Domain Host Account


Add the Domain to Your WINDO Shop 


Wait for Your Domain to Propagate

Why do you need it?

Maintain brand ownership and reach your target market more effectively. 
Unique identity.png


Wondering how to earn the trust of your potential customers? Custom domain makes your website appear totally legitimate to your customers. 

Custom domain-based emails usually have better open rates.

Add a professional touch to your brand.

Helps you establish authority in your business niche.

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Unique Identity

Unlock your business’ branding by owning a domain name that separates it from the millions of businesses that sound almost the same! 

Having a custom domain can make your brand get reflected in a better light.

You get more flexibility when it comes to controlling and managing your brand’s reputation.

You can make your brand easy to remember through a thoughtfully chosen domain name.


Stay Ahead

To help you beat the cut-throat competition, a custom domain can enhance the discoverability of your website exponentially!

A perfectly chosen custom domain name can help you reach your target market.

It can boost your SEO, thereby making your brand more visible. 

Customers prefer brands that look and sound more professional. 

Don't mean to brag, but...

Best Space for Your Business

Made for small businesses & solopreneurs, empowering them to create beautiful online stores in minutes and start accepting online orders instantly!

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