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Minimize abandoned carts, and maximize conversions!

Add online or manual payment methods by connecting multiple payment gateways available in your country.

How does it work

Integrating payment gateways in Windo is super easy!

After opening the Windo app, Click on the "payments" tab that shows all the existing payment methods provided in the different countries.


Connect your Windo store to any of the payment gateway options shown (following the instructions given on the screen)


You can add custom payments such as cash or UPI method (different in different countries) based on the country

Why do you need it?

Offer personalized user experience at blazing speed.
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The easier the payment procedure is, the easier it becomes for customers to make a purchase. Windo has ensured that you get to give your customers just that: an easy checkout process.

Get access to an easy-to-use payment procedure

Highly secure 256-bit encrypted payment options

Simple & transparent checkout process, with no hidden charges.

Don't mean to brag, but...

Best Space for Your Business

Made for small businesses & solopreneurs, empowering them to create beautiful online stores in minutes and start accepting online orders instantly!

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