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80% of Instagram users search for products!

Broaden your products’ discoverability among your prospects, generate more sales. 
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How it works

Customize the look & placement of the chat widget.

Go to "Instagram Sync" in "Add Products."


Connect your Instagram account


Select products that you want to sync with Windo

Why do you need it?

Visualize your online store the way you want!
inventory management.png

Inventory Management

It helps identify and respond to trends to ensure to have enough stock to fulfil customer orders and proper warning of a shortage.

Meet the customers’ demands without overstocking

Avoid incorrect shipping to customers

Deliver without any delay

Improved Visibility

Having a business only on one platform confines you from having a broader audience. Not to mention, global visibility helps your business grow and succeed.

Get discovered by your potential customers

Become available to everyone, not just Instagram users

Let your brand make its name on all platforms

higher conversions.png

Better Sales

Not all people buy from a social media app, especially when it can create a lot of distraction. However, through this “sync,” get them redirected to your own online store where they can shop without getting distracted by another picture or reel.

Increase your sales rate

Grow your business on other platforms as well

The broader the space, the more the sales

Don't mean to brag, but...

Best Space for Your Business

Made for small businesses & solopreneurs, empowering them to create beautiful online stores in minutes and start accepting online orders instantly!

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