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Windo v/s Ecwid

Several factors contribute to your business growth and an online store can be the first step in it. Windo and Ecwid are the two popular eCommerce platforms available to create and design your online store. Wondering which platforms suit your brand needs perfectly? Let’s find out!


Windo vs Ecwid - A quick comparison


Ease of Use 

Windo has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for business owners to navigate the website in creating a simple and attractive online store in a few minutes. The more simple the website, the better. 


Ecwid is a beginner-friendly eCommerce plugin and only takes a few clicks to get started. All you need to do is simply install the Ecwid plugin on your website. This way you can easily create and design your online store seamlessly. 



Windo’s pricing plan is one of the prime factors to choose this eCommerce platform. It has two plans: Sprout Plan and Blossom Plan. 


  • Sprout Plan is a forever-free plan that offers features like unlimited products, unlimited orders, online payments, and customer support to smoothen the entire business process. 


  • The Blossom plan costs $12 per month that offers all the features in Sprout Plan along with a custom domain, 0% transaction fee, and priority customer support. 


The benefits of its affordable pricing make Windo an ideal option, especially for small businesses and solopreneurs. 


On the other hand, Ecwid has 4 plans: Free, Venture, Business, and Unlimited. 


  • The free plan allows you to list 10 products with the Instant site. 

  • The venture plan starts from $15 per month that allows you to list 100 products along with other features like easy access to the App market, selling on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and inventory tracking. 

  • The business plan starts from $35 per month allowing you to list 2500 products. It has all the features of the venture plan along with permission to sell on big marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, access to abandoned cart emails, and product variations. 

  • The unlimited plan starts from $99 per month, allows you to list unlimited products, and has all the features of the business plan. 


All the plans are suited for different purposes. The free plan for launching the new online store, the venture plan for boosting your business growth and easily managing the store, the business plan for online store expansion, and the unlimited plan for scaling your business.


However, it is expensive as compared to Windo and it is difficult for small businesses to afford the same. 


Live Chat and WhatsApp Integration 

Along with a simple and user-friendly interface, Windo even allows Live Chat and WhatsApp Integration options to users. This feature makes it easy for sellers or businesses to take customers' queries directly on WhatsApp and act on them by avoiding any delays. 


This feature also allows high-level customization i.e., you can design and position the chat widget on WhatsApp. You get to decide the part of the screen that should be visible. 


However, Ecwid does not have any seamless WhatsApp Integration like Windo. 


Payments and Shipping 

Payment options are one of the prime factors to let your customers stick to your business for a longer time. And eCommerce platforms like Windo help in making the payment process seamless for your business. 


Windo has multiple payment options for sellers in different countries. It even has PayPal and Stripe that are available in all countries; however, they have even added the feature of custom payments that allows sellers to add local payment methods to make the entire process easier. 


Along with it, Windo even has various shipping partners based on the countries products are delivered. Its shipping integration has made the delivery process smoother and seamless as it counts shipping rates, communicates with customers, and prints shipping labels automatically.  


Ecwid has 60+ payment options like Square, Stripe, PayPal, etc. to make payments hassle-free for businesses. With tailored shipping, delivery, and pickup options, it has removed all the challenges in the entire payment and shipping process by making it easier. 


What is Better — Windo or Ecwid? 

Both Windo and Ecwid are ideal eCommerce platforms for creating an online store and boosting your business growth; however, it is better to go with Windo. Because it is affordable as compared to Ecwid. Furthermore, it has all the necessary features, and that too at a lower price. 


For small businesses who are starting out or want to scale and expand their business, nothing can be better than opting for Windo. Businesses don’t even need any learning curve or prior coding experience to create an online store on Windo. In just a few clicks, you can create a fully-functional online store. You can leverage its built-in analytics to understand your business better. 


Don't mean to brag, but...

Best Space for Your Business

Made for small businesses & solopreneurs, empowering them to create beautiful online stores in minutes and start accepting online orders instantly!

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