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Best eCommerce Platforms for SEO 2023 – Check the Competitive Ones!

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Undoubtedly, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an essential factor for any eCommerce business. After all, there is no point in having a well-designed website if your prospects fail to find it online. Since SEO is a necessary aspect, therefore finding the best eCommerce platforms for SEO is crucial.

No matter how good your eCommerce concept is, without proper SEO practices, your website will fail to attract the global traffic required to rank higher and succeed. Organic search accounts for around 54% of international traffic. So, businesses must find the best eCommerce platforms optimized for SEO to achieve the best results and succeed.

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to find the best eCommerce platforms optimized for SEO and the leading platforms for SEO.

Why is SEO so important for eCommerce websites?

Why is SEO so important for eCommerce websites - WINDO

Website traffic is essential to improve sales, and without web traffic, there would not be any sales. So, with the best SEO practices, eCommerce websites can increase the influx of web traffic and visitors.

The best eCommerce platforms for SEO use effective methods to optimize the site for search engines, and it helps the site to attract more traffic and visitors, making it more visible on SERPs. Some of the significant benefits of investing in the best SEO practices are:

  1. Improved organic web traffic

  2. Higher ROI, greater than other marketing practices, including paid advertising

  3. Enhances brand recognition and reputation online

  4. Developing long-term asset that consistently pays dividends just after the initial investment

Owing to these facts and benefits, eCommerce businesses nowadays are spending more on SEO than ever before. So, business owners planning to go online must focus on choosing the best eCommerce platforms for SEO.

What are the features to consider in SEO eCommerce platforms?

Recommended features to consider in SEO eCommerce platforms - WINDO

The success of an eCommerce website relies on your skills to understand the potential SEO abilities of each platform you choose. Not all platforms are designed equally, as they have different SEO features. So, you must consider the following factors when choosing the best eCommerce platforms for SEO.

Loading speed

Choose those platforms that load faster. The slow sites offer a terrible user experience and increase the bounce rate. It impacts the SEO ranking. Choose those eCommerce platforms for SEO that offer high loading speed. Look for hosting providers that can help improve the server response times, resize and reduce the size of images, use browser caching, reduce scripts and use CDNs to enhance the site speed and meet the increasing demands of eCommerce websites.

Canonical website URLs

Since eCommerce websites have different URLs for each page, search engines prefer different indexing URLs for the same page. If it continues with multiple no-follow tags, it will confuse the search engines and negatively impact the site’s coverage while reducing the SERP ranking. So, use the best eCommerce platforms for SEO that allow you to create canonical URLs for your site and 301-redirect the outdated webpage to the correct URLs.

It will streamline the links; eliminate duplicate content issues while allowing search engines to index the pages with one URL for optimal user experience.

Customizable meta data and HTML

The leading eCommerce platforms give control and access to the HTML head> tags to save the Meta Data like descriptions and titles. Some platforms offer greater flexibility and accessibility than others. So, choose the best platform that enables you to edit the Meta Data appearing on the head section of every page. It allows adding essential SEO keywords and texts while making it possible to check if they are relevant to the tone and voice of your business.

Indexing control

Users can select which page to appear on SERPs by using the best eCommerce platforms for SEO that offer comprehensive indexing control. Indexing control is essential as it allows managing which pages are displayed to search engines without changing the site’s layout design. To achieve SEO objectives, leading platforms offer the best indexing control.

Mobile optimization

More than 6 billion people have access to smartphones worldwide, and the number is increasing. So, eCommerce websites will lose out on that portion if the site is not mobile-friendly. Your eCommerce website will be accessible to all consumers if it is developed on the best mobile-friendly eCommerce platform. The best eCommerce platforms for SEO let you make changes in text sizes and loading speed and add SEO features for different devices.


The eCommerce platform must offer you a sitemap for you, whether it is for accessibility concerns or the benefit of search engines. Hence, to meet the SEO objectives, the leading eCommerce platforms for SEO let you create a sitemap for your site.

How to choose the best eCommerce platform for your SEO needs?

How to choose the best eCommerce platform for your SEO needs - WINDO

When it comes to the best eCommerce platforms for SEO, you will come across multiple choices. How can you choose the best option that meets your SEO needs? Here are some crucial things to remember when finding the best platform for your SEO needs.

  1. You have to evaluate the site’s ability to generate web traffic for your site. Your chosen platform must have the best SEO features to help generate high web traffic.

  2. The eCommerce platform must be able to convert the visitors and traffic into customers using the high-converting page. The best eCommerce platforms always have features that can help you achieve the best results. The platforms that have the feature to offer abandoned cart recovery and product suggestions are always considered best.

  3. As your business flourish, the eCommerce platform you have chosen must scale with your business. Ensure to select the eCommerce platform with the flexibility and feature required to expand a business so that you don’t have to change the platforms when your business grows.

  4. You must always consider checking the platform’s SEO features, as it is essential. Ensure to choose the eCommerce platform with multiple SEO features, as it can help enhance the visibility of your products and ensure your prospects see them.

  5. Finally, you must also check the platform’s price. You must choose the best eCommerce platforms for SEO that fit your budget and meet your specific SEO needs.

List of best eCommerce platforms for SEO

List of best eCommerce platforms for SEO - WINDO

1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the leading eCommerce platform helping businesses to develop and control their online presence. The platform comes with multiple unique features, making it one of the best eCommerce platforms for SEO, including product suggestions, blogging, and abandoned cart recovery.

It is referred to as the most trusted and reliable B2C and B2B solution as it comes with an app store that provides exciting features, like social media tools and email marketing. The only pitfall is that it comes with expansive plans.


  1. Provides stability & flexibility that the eCommerce platform needs

  2. Strong security system

  3. Back office integration

  4. 99.9% uptime

  5. WP integration


  1. Expensive than other platforms

2. Windo

Windo is the user-friendly and intuitive ecommerce store builder that helps create a professional and reliable online store easily. Using the site builder is very easy. It is one of the best ecommerce platforms for SEO as it allows creating websites in three simple steps: name your store and choose URL, upload images and videos, and promote the store on social media.

Windo offers lifetime access to the tools. Users purchasing the plans get the opportunity to avail a 60-day money back guarantee. It allows syncing social media, connect custom domains and more.


  1. The interface is simple and easy

  2. Create, manage and access the store across different devices

  3. Product creation is possible

  4. Import images from social media

  5. Customization with built-in theme


  1. It is not free

3. Shopify

Shopify is the second most famous eCommerce platform for businesses of all sizes and natures, especially for startups. The platform offers a user-friendly interface with multiple SEO features, including adding ALT text to images and an abandoned cart recovery system.

There are restrictions in advanced SEO features, and you may need a developer to customize the internal link structure. The pitfall is that the transaction fees may quickly increase.


  1. Built-in SEO features

  2. Easy to use

  3. Unlimited product listing in the basic plan

  4. Blogging features

  5. Good for startups


  1. Prevents editing robots.txt file

  2. Transaction fees add up faster

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform used by thousands of online businesses. The platform has great SEO features that enhance the site’s ranking on SERPs. The platform has a built-in sitemap feature, making it easy for search engines to index the products and pages..

The platform also allows customizing Meta descriptions, title tags, and URLs to optimize pages for targeted keywords. The platform is consistently updated with new features and enhancements that help optimize the SEO ranking.


  1. Flexible, secure, and reliable payment system

  2. Open source platform

  3. User-friendly site builder that utilizes REST API

  4. Effortless integration of WordPress


  1. Specific to WordPress sites

  2. Technical skills are a must

  3. Need to spend on multiple plug-ins

5. Adobe Commerce or Magento

Adobe Commerce is a primary hitter in the eCommerce niche. It is also part of Adobe Experience Cloud, which offers easy access to other Adobe tools, including Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.

It is one of the best eCommerce platforms for SEO because it comes with multiple built-in features, including shopping cart functionality, product management & categorization, order management, and more. It has emerged as the best eCommerce platform that allows the optimization of the store for search engines. It will enable customizing the URLs of products, set up 301-redirect to control broken links and optimize product pages with rich snippets and Meta tags.


  1. Integrated SEO tools

  2. Enhanced customization options using 3rd party integrations and extensions

  3. Effortless mobile optimization

  4. Integrations with other Adobe products and tools

  5. Multi-channel commerce


  1. Technical skills and knowledge is necessary

  2. Not a very user-friendly platform

6. Volusion

Volusion is the oldest platform, founded in 1999, and has been around longer than most competitors. The platform’s experience is evident in its features and overall stability. It is the most user-friendly platform for eCommerce. The built-in features and code flexibility make it one of the best eCommerce platforms for SEO.

If you are looking for the best eCommerce platform that is easy to optimize and flexible, Volusion would be a great choice. It has a long, rich history, and they are dedicated to customer satisfaction.


  1. 24/7 support available

  2. Seamless experiences

  3. Robust integrations with 3rd party apps

  4. 99.9% uptime

  5. Customized firewall settings


  1. There is a platform transaction fee of 1.25%

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how crucial SEO is for the success of an eCommerce website and the features you have to consider when choosing the best platform, it is the right time to develop your website using the best eCommerce platforms for SEO.

Hopefully, the guide has shared comprehensive details about the best eCommerce platforms that can help make your business successful digitally. All the platforms shared here are great options as they help improve SERP ranking and attract organic traffic to your eCommerce website. So, choose the suitable eCommerce platforms for SEO for your online success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which eCommerce Platform has the Best SEO?

BigCommerce has the best SEO features and is considered the best for many good reasons. The platform has built-in SEO features, which are hard to find on other platforms. Most importantly, the code is well-organized and clean, making it one of the best eCommerce platforms for SEO, as it allows search engines to index the website effortlessly.

Moreover, the platform offers different customization options, enabling users to optimize the site according to their specific needs. It is the best platform with optimal SEO features to enhance the site’s ranking on SERP and visibility.

Do eCommerce Sites Need SEO?

SEO is the most effective way to enhance a site’s visibility while attracting more organic traffic. Optimizing your eCommerce website for search engines will rank higher on SERPs and reach more prospects and targeted customers.

But, SEO is not a quick fix as it demands effort, time, and patience to achieve desired results. Despite all your efforts, the site will not be guaranteed to rank high for every relevant search term. But, if you want it to work, use the best eCommerce platforms for SEO to attract more potential consumers to the site while enhancing the chances of converting the visits into revenue and sales.

Is Shopify Better for SEO?

Shopify is the best choice for eCommerce businesses of all sizes and natures, especially for those new to the digital industry. The platform provides user-friendly features with easily integrated SEO tools, such as options to recover abandoned carts and add ALT text into photos.

But, the platform has limited SEO abilities. Users need the developer’s assistance to customize the internal link structure. But, they have a support team to troubleshoot and solve problems. Another issue with the platform is that it has a higher transaction cost and prevents many users from using it.

What is the Golden Rule for SEO?

The golden rule of SEO is to understand the consumer’s demand and needs while creating the best SEO experiences to satisfy their needs. It ranges from the first impression visitors experience when they land on your page to search result listing and the ability for visitors to promptly and smoothly find the content they are looking for. These are some of the golden rules for SEO that every webmaster must keep in mind when doing SEO for their website.

Is SEO Important for eCommerce?

SEO helps eCommerce businesses to rank higher on SERPs while allowing them to have a higher level of organic traffic to the website. SEO helps the eCommerce website rank higher, and it maximizes the chance to get more organic traffic converted into prospects or sales, helping generate revenue. So, SEO is essential for any eCommerce website.

How Long Does eCommerce SEO Take?

SEO is not a quick fix and starts delivering results overnight. You must expect excellent eCommerce SEO results within 6-12 months. Here the result means a quantifiable increment in the organic traffic, visitors, and associated leads and conversions. So, you need to use the best SEO practices and one of the best eCommerce platforms for SEO to achieve the desired results in 6-12 months.


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