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Best Profitable Business Ideas in Bangalore 2023

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Did you know that Bangalore was featured in the 4th place in a survey about the richest cities in India? The Silicon Valley of India and home to the IT industry is one of India’s fastest-growing cities. If you are thinking of starting a business, here you can get some best profitable business ideas in Bangalore.

You can start a business in Bangalore with low investment and grow exponentially, given its stable economic situation. A Forbes survey even concluded that Bangalore will become the economic hub of India within the next decade. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for small business owners to establish their businesses in the city.

However, people still end up with one question – ‘’Which is the best business to start in Bangalore?’’ Let’s find out!

Which Business is Good in Bangalore?

There are enormous business opportunities in Bangalore. Thus, the list is majorly divided into 3 categories – Online business ideas, new business ideas, and small business ideas in Bangalore.

Online Business Ideas

Here are some best profitable business ideas in Bangalore if you want to start online.

A Digital Marketing Agency

Every business needs digital marketing services whether it’s an established firm or a startup. The importance of digital marketing has grown over the years. Businesses are leveraging it to rank themselves higher on search engines, improve their online presence, and generate leads.

You can begin as a freelancer or work from home to save on the office and other expenses. This means your primary investment will be your time, effort, and skills.

You can even use it as side business ideas in Bangalore if you are already running an established firm.

Create an Online Store

Creating an online store is probably one of the best profitable business ideas in Bangalore. The world has shifted online and so does your business. An online store allows you to reach a wider audience i.e., you can target an audience outside your geographical area.

Use eCommerce platforms like Windo to design an online store in minutes.

Start a Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen is one of the best business opportunities in Bangalore, given the increasing popularity of cloud kitchen business in India. Opening a cafe or a restaurant may require you to invest a good amount of time and money.

But, cloud kitchens can be even started from the comfort of your home. It all depends on how spacious you need it to be. Once the kitchen is set up, start marketing your business and food menu online.

Make the ordering process and delivery seamless for the customers. If you have a good budget, you can partner with food delivery apps like Swiggy or Zomato.

Online Retailing

People do reselling or retailing businesses as a side business. But you can make it a full-time business opportunity.

Buy the products in bulk at a wholesale rate and sell the same to customers online. Make sure you have a strong social media strategy to market your business. Try running ads on social media platforms like Instagram. It’s an effective way to reach your potential audience and persuade them to buy the products. No doubt, online retailing is getting popular as one of the best business ideas in Bangalore.


It’s indeed a business in Bangalore to start with low investment.

Webpreneurship is simply a process where you use the internet to start and grow your business. For example, digital products like eBooks. Or you can even create a website to sell more than one digital product or service to your customers.

All you need is a laptop, skills, and an internet connection to get started along with implementation.

Pro Tip: Start building a personal brand to take Webpreneurship to a greater level.

Mobile/Home Salon

Nothing beats the salon or pampering sessions in the comfort of your home. People don’t have to dress up and travel far for salon services. They can simply book your service through their mobile phones and lock a date whenever they are comfortable.

Initially, you can start with manicures and pedicures. As your business starts growing and more customers come in, add more services and market strategically.

Deliver home-cooked meals

Bangalore is filled with a working population that does not have time to cook their own meals. Plus, long commutes and irregular working hours only add to it.

If you want to start a low-cost business in Bangalore, begin with home-cooked meals. There is a huge demand for it as people are looking for healthy, tasty, and affordable food services in the city.

Small Business Ideas in Bangalore

Corporate Event Management Services

If you are looking for startup ideas in Bangalore, you can start with corporate event management services.

Lately, a lot of businesses have started conducting formal and informal events on a regular basis. Start by renting a small office and hiring a few team members. The demand for corporate event management services is pretty high and it may be a sure-shot success for you.

Canteen Service

The next among the best business ideas in Bangalore is canteen service. As we mentioned before, Bangalore has a large working population and no one has time to cook their own meals. They often order food from Swiggy or Zomato or opt for other food services.

Starting a canteen service itself can turn out to be successful for you. People won’t order from anyone but you. All you have to do is start a canteen service by renting a kitchen space, spreading awareness about it, and getting started. Canteen services usually cater to three categories: Universities, hostels, and corporate offices.

Start a Cafe

People enjoy exploring cafes and new food every day. Starting a cafe in a big city like Bangalore can be a good idea.

The competition will be high. But if you successfully position yourself in the market with your USP, you are going to attract a lot of consumers. The vibe, ambiance, and food matter a lot — Make sure you focus on those areas.

If you are looking for either small or side business ideas in Bangalore, starting a cafe is an ideal option. Starting an outlet in a busy area can turn out to be profitable for you as you will attract many eyeballs together.

Paying Guest Service

If you want to start small or know some part-time business ideas in Bangalore, go for paying guest services. Along with jobs, a lot of students shift to Bangalore for studies. Both students and the working community will want to stay at an affordable place in a good area.

Paying guest services is going to be a success if you do it right with professionalism.

Dry Cleaning Services

Another one on the list of small or own business ideas in Bangalore is starting dry cleaning services.

A majority of the population finds dry cleaning a daunting task. People avoid doing it themselves as it is a lot of hard work and no one in Bangalore has time for it. Thus, starting dry cleaning services can be a profitable business.

However, make sure to do it the right way as many people tend to get disappointed with dry cleaning services easily and switch to competitors.

Start a Hostel

Hostels are a bit different from paying guest service. Paying guest services means private stays which can also be rented by anyone for a day or more by paying for it. Whereas, hostels usually provide dormitory-like services and are managed by colleges or universities.

Again, it can be one of the best part-time business ideas in Bangalore as the demand for this business is high because of the large number of students and working population.

Start a recruitment firm

The next on the list of best business ideas in Bangalore is starting a recruitment firm.

A lot of people come to Bangalore in search of jobs. As the startup culture is increasing, so is the demand for jobs. The increase in startups has indeed led to an increase in job opportunities in different sectors.

Thus, the population of job seekers will increase as well. As a recruitment agency, you can partner with multiple businesses and present job opportunities to everyone as and when available. Make the process smooth and seamless. It makes it easier for people to apply for the right job or opportunity.

Starting a recruitment firm is a profitable business because of the increased job opportunities; however, if you want to build contacts, you can start with freelancing. And once you have established yourself as a freelancer in this space, start with a firm and spread the word about it.

Real Estate Brokerage

People who are newly shifting to Bangalore or want a commercial space will always look for real estate advisors and brokerage services to get the best deals and the best space.

It’s an ideal business to get started with in Bangalore because of the increasing population of the city. So, there is no way you cannot succeed in this area. And having a good number of contacts can turn out to be a good deal for you.

Start a Food Truck

Food trucks indeed come under the best own business ideas in Bangalore. Not only cafes and restaurants, but the demand for food trucks have increased over the years. You can serve and sell food to your customers from any place in the city. Also, starting a food truck is comparatively easy and affordable compared to cafes and restaurants. The overhead costs are lesser.

You can decide on the food menu, choose a crowded area, and start your food truck accordingly.

New Business Ideas in Bangalore

Start a coworking space

Another on the list of startup ideas in Bangalore is a coworking space. It is usually rented by business professionals who do not have enough capital to rent or buy the space for their office.

They can rent either a chair or two or even a cabin depending on their team members. People who are freelancing can even rent their space here to get an office-like setting.

Furthermore, a coworking space is a great opportunity to get to know more people and network with them. It’s not a surprise that this business is in demand and is profitable.

Interior Designing Services

Which business is good in Bangalore? Interior designing services!

It doesn’t matter if people are designing a coworking space or their own office — What matters is good interiors. Because many business owners want to make their space look professional and pleasing to the eye.

A good interior designing service will be constant and never-ending.

Backpackers’ Hostel

The initial capital investment is much less for a backpacker’s hostel as compared to other hostels and paying guest services.

Lately, a lot of tourists are coming to Bangalore to explore the city. They are either visiting it majorly for tourists or work purposes. So, if you target them specifically, they will choose you as the price is also low.

You can rent a space in Bangalore in a busy or crowded area. Because the chances of people living in such areas are a bit higher.

The 100 Rupee Shop

If you are looking for low investment and new business ideas in Bangalore, you can start a 100 rupee shop. Everyone loves buying inexpensive products. And selling across categories can be profitable and work in your favor as it won’t limit people with choices.

You can literally sell everything from small to big products that include stationery, mugs, utensils, plates, utensils, flowers, dream catchers, and more. Remember, people always look for money and variety. If you are selling a variety of products at the lowest rates, people will always come to you.

And the best part, you require a minimum investment to get started with this business.

Pet Cafe

Grooming and care aren’t just limited to humans. In fact, people have become more conscious about pet care and grooming. Pet owners are indeed looking for places with a pleasant atmosphere and a great vibe for their pets.

Starting a pet cafe or a pet grooming place can be a profitable business in Bangalore because pet owners constantly look for places where they can take their pets and rejuvenate them.

If it is priced properly, placed at a good location, and offers excellent service, a pet cafe can indeed be a good source of revenue.

Daycare Center

A city with a huge working population makes it difficult for parents to take their children everywhere. So, safety and security become a concern especially if both parents are working from the office.

Opening a daycare center with all the basic facilities will attract many working parents. But remember, hygiene and security should be your top priorities. You can start the business by renting a small space. Once people get to know about your business, you can buy or rent a bigger space.

Use the word-of-mouth method or leverage social media to spread awareness about your business and attract your initial clients.

Software Development Firm

The next best answer to the question ‘which is the best business to start in Bangalore’, is a software development firm. Starting this firm in the IT hub of the country is going to be a sure-shot success if you follow all the processes and strategies properly. 

You can start your business from the comfort of your home and collaborate with a few experts. Once people get to know about your skills and expertise, rent a space.

Final Thoughts

There are several best business ideas in Bangalore. You need to choose the industry you want to cater to and the amount of capital you are ready to invest in your business. Depending on this, you can choose an idea that best fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which business is most profitable in Bangalore?

There are several best business ideas in Bangalore to get started with. Some of them are paying guest service, home-cooked food service, hostels, recruitment firms, digital marketing agencies, and more.

Which area is best for business in Bangalore?

Food delivery, retailing, and mobile salon are indeed some of the best areas for business in Bangalore; however, along with starting your office offline, think of going online too. It will help you cater to a wider audience. You can use platforms like Windo to design your online store and grow your business.

What business can I start with 5 lakhs in Bangalore?

Businesses like canteen service, cafe, and recruitment firms can be easily started with 5 lakhs in Bangalore.

How can I start my own business for 50000 rupees?

Cloud kitchen, home-cooked meal service, or even online retailing are some of the best ideas if you want to start your business for 50000 rupees.


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