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5 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Your business can generate huge profits if you can improve your eCommerce conversion rate. Marketers often talk about the different eCommerce conversion rate optimization factors that affect online conversions. Almost every decision you make affects the rate at which your visitors convert into sales- from product images to color schemes, category navigation, and more.

Industry merchants assert that the average conversion rate for eCommerce sites is around 2-3%. Can you generate better figures than the industry standards? If you are also wondering how to increase your conversion rate in eCommerce, here are 5 proven tactics you can use.

What is eCommerce conversion rate?

Conversion rate represents the number of end users taking a specific planned or desired action after engaging with the content displayed on a digital platform. In the ‘traditional’ eCommerce world, an ‘eCommerce conversion rate’ more specifically defines the number of orders divided by the total traffic. For example, if a conversion rate is higher than the industry average, it means the right product is offered to the right target audience at the right price.

What is a good conversion rate for eCommerce?

Let us look at the eCommerce conversion rate optimization formula, a few strategies, and a special tool to help you get the desired results. A 2% conversion rate is considered a good conversion rate, with an average range of around 1% to 4% depending on the industry.

Average eCommerce conversion rate

You should always have the best eCommerce conversion rate optimization for your business. If your conversion rate is not the best, at least you should average your business’s eCommerce conversion rate or work it out over time to get a good eCommerce conversion rate. Industry merchants assert that the Average eCommerce conversion rate for sites is around 2-3%.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization important in eCommerce?

eCommerce conversion rate optimization process gives you more value with lower acquisition costs. That happens because you optimize your current website visitors instead of spending money on advertisements. It is a smart business decision to focus on improving your conversion rates.

A low conversion rate indicates a problem with the customer experience. eCommerce Conversion rate optimization’s real importance is getting the ball rolling. It helps you to get more customers in less time. You can use it to improve other marketing campaigns as well. It’s the foundation upon which all other efforts rest. Even if you’re only seeing a small amount of traffic, you can start making more money from that traffic and, in turn, increase your popularity, driving you even more traffic.

Why is understanding your conversion rate so important?

The conversion rate reflects the effectiveness and competitiveness of your online store. A better-than-average conversion rate usually refers to lower customer acquisition costs and higher customer value.

Businesses must provide customers with a great shopping experience in this highly competitive world. It doesn’t make sense if many customers are coming to your site and not making a purchase.

How to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate?

To increase eCommerce conversion rates, you must analyze every step from the landing page to the checkout. You need to optimize your website to increase the conversion rate. Here’s How to increase conversion rate in eCommerce:

Test Features

Before doing anything, you have to check its features. eCommerce conversion rate optimization is instantly related to user experience. Thus, you must ensure that all the elements work the intended way. It’s a good idea to test features regularly. By analyzing your app’s metrics, you can discover what bugs exist and view playback to see how it performs.

Obtain User Feedback

Those who use the platform regularly have a lot to say about it. It would be best to get feedback from the user to grow your conversion rate. Companies can create a focus group before going live with the app. That way, people can submit ideas for what they’d like to see in the app- which may be included in the next version.

Apply Visual Mobile Analytics

You can learn more about how users use your app through in-app analytics. You’ll have more information when you have an in-app user behavior analysis. Valuable data can tell you more about ways to optimize your eCommerce app and ultimately improve the conversion rate.

For example, the mobile app heatmap will tell you where in the app people are tapping more. It will help you improve the design & flow so that people aren’t disappointed.

Make it Easy to Fill Out Forms

Filling out forms is often difficult, especially on a mobile device. If you make it a lengthy record for people to fill out, you’ll find that there are a lot of people who walk away. Your goal is to increase conversions; hence, you need to simplify the process.

Please don’t bother with the drop-down or captcha inside the form, as it wastes time. You might also consider integrating social media so people can use their Facebook or Twitter accounts to fill out some states, like their names and email addresses.

Maximize Usability

There are two main reasons people use eCommerce apps: to browse products or make purchases. Either way, people are going to interact with your app; so make sure the UI is on point. There are various utility factors to consider – being welcoming, providing offers, and being consistent.

Remember that some people will use more than one device to complete their purchase from start to finish. They can use their mobile phone to find and finalize a product, and then their computer for making the purchase. If you’re not consistent in your branding and overall layout from one app to another website, it can create a significant amount of confusion – and your usability rating drops.

Final takeaway

If you have read our entire article, you know that The e-commerce conversion rate should be between 2 and 4%. If your business has a low commerce conversion rate, you may face problems in business. You must have read the five proven tactics we have mentioned, and through them, you can increase your eCommerce conversion rate. If you liked the article, then definitely give your opinion by commenting.


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