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How To Write An Effective Call To Action (CTA) That Converts?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

A call to action is something that can either make or break a deal and a well written one can definitely increase your conversion rates. Unfortunately, even today many companies neglect the importance of a CTA. If you are wondering why your blogs aren’t convincing your readers to buy your product or service, then the answer lies in just 3 letters: CTA. You aren’t using the right CTA in your posts.

Now the questions which may arise are, What is a call to action? or What makes a good call to action? or How to write a call to action? Let’s answer them one by one.

What is a call to action?

A call to action is a directive write-up that directs your customer to take the next move like clicking on a link so that they hit your landing page. One of the most common and best example is “Buy now”. A CTA may be seen in different forms:

  1. Hyperlink

  2. Button

  3. Text without hyperlink

Click here to earn $1000 a day

If you come across such a statement, it is human nature to click on it although knowing subconsciously that 99.9% it would be fake or just a CTA.

What makes a good call to action?

A good CTA is one which can assist with weak decision-making customers and instantly persuade them to engage more. Even if it’s a simple two-word statement, it helps visitors to understand what to do next right away.

CTAs which create a sense of urgency often help in increasing the conversion rate. The longer a customer stays engaged on your site, the better your CTA has done its job.

Having one featured CTA is the most widely recognized way. Although, a few advertisers utilize both primary and secondary calls to action in their promotions.

6 Tips on how to write a call to action

Now, let me take you through 6 tips on How to write a call to action.

1. Use Emotive language

Use personal pronouns like “You” and “Your”, and let them feel connected to you. Tap into the user’s need to change or improve or change something by utilizing negative words like “confused”, “Sick” or “Stressed”. Showcase how your product or service can bring a difference to your customer by utilizing action words like “Begin”, “Stop” and “Find”.

Using these powerful words would make your CTA more compelling. Get the reader involved and connect with them by using the right words.

2. The main emphasis should be on Value and benefits

Laying out your Unique selling proposition (USP) in your call to action is another great idea. What can you offer that no other individual or business can? Each organization has a key component that offers remarkable worth to customers. Featuring that in your CTA can easily help you grab your customers attention.

Just shout out loud to the world what is special about you. If you have “Free delivery on items worth over $50” or if there is a unique product that only you sell.

3. Make CTA unique and related to your post

Writing a call to action that is unique and relevant to your blog post is very important. The last thing you would want to do is use a CTA which is not related to the topic. If your CTA is not related to the topic, the user would not find the article helpful and would be bored while reading your blog and may leave in between. Also, using the same CTA across your website may result in negative or no results.

4. Use the time incentive technique

Creating a sense of urgency while writing a CTA on your website would help you a lot in increasing your conversion rates. Use time-based phrases like, “Hurry up”, “Limited period offer”, “Offer ends soon” and so on.

You can also use the fear of missing out, otherwise know as FOMO in your CTA by emphasizing that the product will be out of stock by using phrases such as, “Limited edition item, get yours now”. You can even use value-based phrases such as “50% off for 10 hours only”. All these phrases would definitely create a sense of urgency in your customers to buy the products.

5. Involve the reader

Try and make sure that your customers do not leave your website without engaging or involving themselves while they are on it. Suppose you have a product reviews website, you may ask them to sign up so that they can get instant notifications whenever you review a new product. If your site has a free trial available, let your customers know about it. All these techniques would help in increasing your conversion rates as you would be in constant touch with your customers.

6. Keep you CTA simple, short and concise

Sometimes when a form pops up, your customers might close your webpage immediately thinking that it will be time consuming. To avoid such situations, you may add a CTA like, “Fill this 30-second form and……”. This helps to relax the customers and encourage them to fill out the form and engage with you.

Try not to go overboard with your CTA concerning length or words. A huge amount of text will not stand out for your customers and while the individuals who truly do read it might battle to recognize the main subject matter. Utilize short sentences and significant words to get across the key data successfully.

Summing it up

How to write a call to action may be a tricky question to answer as everyone has a different style of writing. But we have certainly given you tips that would surely engage your customers on your website and increase your conversion rate.


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