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How To Write Product Description (Ecommerce) Like A Sales Letter?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

You’ve uploaded a product on your eCommerce site and waiting for the orders. Now, the customer has landed on your page and is quite impressed by the product’s design. Now the question that arises is: How would you make your customer click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button?

Well, a lot depends on the way you write the product description.

If you are wondering, how to write product descriptions that sells, just remember, while writing a product description, entrepreneurs often make a common mistake by simply describing the product without telling the functionality and talking about vague information about the product.

Well, Before going into the nitty gritty of how to write product descriptions, let us tell you what a product description is.

What is a product description?

A product description is a type of marketing copy that is used to describe the product and explain its benefits. It provides all the details about the product. It may be written in different styles and ways but, there’s way more to it than just the simple copywriting.

The goal of writing a product description is to tell every piece of information about the product to your customer and make them buy it. To write a persuasive product description copy, you need to keep certain questions in your mind that a customer might have like:

  1. What is the need for the product?

  2. What problem does it solve and what will the customer gain by using your product?

  3. What makes your product different from your competitor’s product?

How to write a good product description?

Besides knowing ‘What is a product description’, you also need to understand- how to write product descriptions? While there is no fixed format, the utmost thing you need to keep in mind is, to be honest with what you are writing and how you are representing what your product offers. Your customer should not have expectations much higher than what your product actually offers because it may result in negative feedback.

Also, being honest doesn’t mean that you need to brutally tell the customers all the negative things your product has because it will not help increase sales either. Just focus on the strength of your product, write what your product offers and why chose you over every other supplier of the same product.

How to write product descriptions that sell?

Your product description has the power to take your business to another level. There are certain things you need to focus on while writing result-driven e-commerce product descriptions. Some of them are:

Remember to describe the 5W’s while writing

What, who when, where, why, and how.

A product’s description must answer the following question:

  1. What are the basic details of the product? A product description should always tell the basic details of the product such as dimensions, cost, features, functions, and material used.

  2. For whom is the product? You should know who is your target audience for the specific product. It can be gender-based or you can segregate your audience demographically or agewise. It should define a specific group of people. If you sell fun products, then you can insert humour in your description; but if you are selling a sensitive product like coffins, life jackets, or any other item, then you wouldn’t want to add puns to the description.

  3. When the product is to be used? It means the description should tell if the product can be used at a specific time or specific season, or festival or if it can be used every day. It should talk about the durability of the product as well.

  4. Where the product is to be used? It should tell if it can be used at a specific place like, indoors or outdoors.

  5. Why should the product be used or why is it better than the competitors? The same product may be sold by different companies/ brands. So this section should contain your product’s features. What makes it different from the product offered by your competitor?

  6. How the product is to be used? Providing a little explanation on how to use the product can make customers feel more confident about their buying decision.

Technicality may help you to win

If you have a technical product, giving some technical knowledge to your customers may help you to win their trust. It helps in establishing a mindset that your brand has expertise in the industry. Hence, never fear to be more technical with your product while writing a product description.

Focus on benefits

A good product description will involve the product benefits and its features as well. It should serve the purpose along with adding some extra benefits to it which would make it unique and different from other similar products. For example, if you are selling clothes, your garment may have a similar print or designs but the color used is highly in trend. So, a unique color option, which is trending may add a plus point to your product that other competitors may not have. This will make a customer want to buy the product from you increasing your sales.

Don’t use heavy language

Your language should be easy to read and communicative enough so that customers don’t get confused. Be as simple and creative as possible while writing good e-commerce product descriptions.

Don’t use vague expressions like “the best” or “excellent quality”. It will make the readers think, ‘Of course, everyone says the same thing, after all, no one would say they have a poor-quality product’. If this thing comes to readers’ minds, you naturally become less persuasive. Instead, be more specific.

Use superlatives while writing a description and justify it. If you are writing your product as the best, justify why your product is the best!

Make it short and crisp

No one likes to read a lot of things if they are landing on your description section. Make your description more scannable. Write in bullet points so that your customer instantly gets to see what they want to see. Also, it will help them to read some specific features which you want them to notice.

Think like a customer while writing

To understand how to write product descriptions, you need to think if you were a customer, would you buy the product after reading the whole description? Keep yourself in your customer’s shoes. What would convince you to buy that product? Just answer these questions and write the description accordingly.

SEO Optimization

The easiest method for upgrading your product synopsis is to utilize a device like Plug in SEO on your store. You’ll need to utilize keywords that apply to your product.

Use good quality product photos

You buy what you see! To make your customer land on your page, it is necessary for them to see it. As the customer can’t feel the product in their hand, you need to let them get a real and good quality picture of the product. If they won’t like the image, they won’t even read the description. Hence, inserting a good image is an important step.

Use storytelling

No one likes to read a boring description that doesn’t give you all the information. If you have an interesting component or feature in your product and no one knows what it does, it will be of no use! So, be loud and clear.

Setting a scene will assist the purchaser with imagining this product in a way that highlights; specs would never do. If you can get the purchaser to envision the product as a profound triumph or buddy, then at that point, they will probably fail to remember that they are being offered.

Set KPIs and goals

You need to set goals while writing a description. Your goal is to make your customer purchase a product after reading the content. You can measure the performance on certain KPIs:

  1. Conversion rate

  2. Return rate

  3. Organic search rankings

  4. Cart abandonment

  5. Support inquiries.

It will help you to set targets and achieve them eventually. Running different tests may also help you in achieving higher sales and conversion rates for your e-commerce sites.

Get the most out of your eCommerce product description

So, that’s all about how to write product descriptions. Writing a product description plays a vital role to add up to the sales of your product on your e-commerce site. Keeping your language very simple and interactive, using superlatives and justifying them, focusing on product features and benefits, setting goals and KPIs, SEO optimization, knowing your target audience, and answering 5Ws may help you to make your customers buy the product making your sales better.


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