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Top 5 Lead Magnet Ideas To Boost Ecommerce Businesses

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

E-commerce is dominating the market globally and is going to get bigger. Millions of transactions are done via mobiles and other devices. The opportunities are a goldmine and you don’t want to miss this. One way of doing it is lead magnets. Keep reading for lead magnet ideas for ecommerce.

Lead magnets are proven to convert the highest amount of prospects. Hence, lead magnets are one of the most resourceful techniques of content marketing strategies.

What is a lead magnet?

Lead magnets for ecommerce are the value you give your prospects for free to convert them. Who doesn’t love free right?

Providing valuable content to prospects in exchange for their contact details fills up your customer data bucket. You reach out to the prospect and convert them. Lead magnets are a great source to acquire customers at a low cost.

As the customer is already in need it becomes easier to retain the client and cut-off competitive fear. Client retention requires upselling and guiding customers about product usage to ensure the client is buying from you repeatedly.

Create a lead magnet that is custom-made for your niche and solve your customer’s problem with it for free. When a potential customer lands on your website, your lead magnets have to catch their attention. This will have an instant gratification effect on the potential customer’s mind and they start to think that they need that lead magnet. They fill up the contact form to claim the free offer and you have a new prospect without doing any work.

What do lead magnets do?

Lead magnets benefit ecommerce businesses in numerous ways. The common results are

  1. Business Promotion

  2. Nurture leads

  3. Build a solid trust factor in your customer’s mind

  4. Boosts repetitive purchases

  5. Improves business value perception

  6. Enhances word-of-mouth marketing

  7. Attract high-paying clients

Ecommerce businesses are thriving and fighting to build successful lead magnets.

But how do you make one?

Let us understand with an example.

Suppose you run an ecommerce business for sleep supplies and your products are

  1. Mattresses

  2. Sleeping masks

  3. Sleeping supplements

To create a lead magnet for your business you can create

  1. A guide on how to shop for the best mattress

  2. Soothing and relaxation night-time tunes

  3. Mattress giveaways

  4. E-books on how to sleep effectively and wake up fresh

This is the basic idea to build a lead magnet. A good lead magnet is created to grab attention, and give exciting offers and higher value.

Here are the 5 ways to create booming lead magnets to grow your Ecommerce business.


A checklist is a summarization of a product’s benefits. A visitor arrives on your site to research a product and by the end of the article, you are providing a checklist to ease the buying process for them. This lead magnet works well as it has every necessary information about the product.

From selecting a product to finalizing it and this saves the customer from confusion and also saves time.

A visitor downloading a checklist needs the product and this lead magnet has given enough clarity on the product. Now, the visitor has a higher chance of making a purchase.

Mini Course

Courses are a fantastic way to interact with potential customers. Teaching for free can give the customers an idea of your business’s working style.

Familiarity sells, and a mini course lead magnet will help your customer get familiar with you.

Find the frequently asked questions of your customers and solve them by hosting a free mini course. When a buyer has questions about a product, this means they are genuinely interested in it. When you answer the buyer’s most common questions with this lead magnet, they will choose you to buy the product.

Free Shipping

Online shoppers are on a continuous hunt for free shipping; they don’t like to spend money except on the product.

This lead magnet boosts 30% more conversions as it works after a buyer has added the product to the cart. The purchase rate is already high here, and free shipping raises it to the next level.

This lead magnet promotes repeat buys because now the buyer knows you offer free shipping. You will stay on the top of their mind when they are looking to make their next purchase.

Free shipping becomes so powerful due to its money-saving factor, and saving customers’ money is like delivering great value in their lives. Free shipping triggers the emotion of cost saving, and this is why it always works like a charm.


‘Try out our product before buying. Doesn’t this excite you to check the product out?

A great product is valuable on its own and when you give out free samples it shows your confidence in the product.

The free sample distribution lead magnet is one of the most practiced ones, and marketers make potential customers try out their product to boost the trust factor in them. In some cases, the potential customer leaves the competitor and becomes a lifetime loyal customer to you.

This lead magnet has always won people and while you beat the competition, you should know your marketing is winning.


A tutorial is a content type that teaches customers how to use a product. Such lead magnets are valuable and free sources of learning for consumers.

You can awe your customers by showing them how they can make the most of the product via tutorials. These lead magnets show your consumers that you genuinely believe in delivering the best result for them by showing how to gain the best outcome from the product.

This lead magnet promotes the genuineness and authenticity of your business.

Videos (Bonus)

If you are not doing it, you are going to regret it. Brands are investing millions in video marketing to give a message to their target audience.

Social media platforms have always promoted videos more than single-page content. Videos have a higher perceived value compared to other content formats.

Inspire your audience by telling them a story, talking about your journey, keeping it personal, and making it interactive. Brands are killing in video making and you can do it too.

Your videos will be supported by the audience who gets inspired by you and look up to you. Fill that void of your followers or customers.

Summing it up

The bottom line is there are no free lunches in this world. You give, give and give and then expect to take. Businesses exist today due to the problems they solve, the problems that matter to the world. If making profits is the end goal of your business you wouldn’t sustain in the long run.

Lead magnets are one of the ways to give value to customers’ lives and make them believe that they need your product. It is the way to enter into the customers’ lives, impress them and become a part of them.

Breaking habits is not a cakewalk when you offer a new solution to a consumer, who has deep-rooted habits and beliefs. Making your way into their lives is not going to be easy. So, you give something free of cost and change the customer’s point of view about your product. Thus, you break habits and call it a win-win.


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