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How To Optimize Ecommerce Conversions With Live Chat?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Ecommerce live chat is the live chat support experience you provide to your customers to solve customer queries, and product-related issues and know what customers want on a live chat. It is an effective way of knowing your consumer needs and expectations on a deeper level and getting efficient insights on improving your product.

The benefits of live chat for Ecommerce are proven to make your brand consumer favorite by executing the new strategies you get from Ecommerce live chat. The authentic and honest experience consumers get from an Ecommerce live chat makes it way more interesting.

Consumers like transparency and as they use your product they have a bunch of suggestions to give. In a live Ecommerce chat, you allow the consumers to come forward and suggest improvements to the product with a real customer who has tried and tested your product. Also, a customer who has loads of feedback on your product is an asset to your business.

Why does your website need an Ecommerce live chat?

When we go way back, advertisements were the only way businesses used to get in the eyes of the customers. Later on, when the internet bloomed and smartphones became a part of our lives, we saw the Ecommerce boom.

Ecommerce businesses start to optimize their websites to make more visitors arrive and stay on their websites for longer. But, Ecommerce live chat has changed the communication game between the consumer and business.

SMS, E-mails, and calls took too long to solve customer queries. Ecommerce live chat can solve customer issues in real-time. The benefit of live chat for Ecommerce is the customer can talk to agents on the other side in real-time without having to hold the line over calls.

Ecommerce live chat attracted more and more customers and increased the lead generation rate up to 40% way more than SMS, e-mail, and calls.

A closer look at the benefits of live chat for Ecommerce

Give time to the genuine customers

One of the top benefits of live chat for Ecommerce is your business is only communicating with the prospects who are genuinely interested in your product. When a visitor arrives on your website, research and inquires about the product via live chat. This proves the real interest of the visitor in your product.


Every business needs a way to reduce its costs, and Cost-effectiveness is one of the many benefits of live chat for Ecommerce. Research reports by marketers say that Ecommerce live chat is 20 percent cheaper than email or phone campaigns.

More conversations boost conversions

The benefit of Ecommerce live chat is that it helps you initiate conversations with visitors. When conversations are started, questions are solved, doubts are cleared and hence sale happens. Start personalized conversations with customers and convert most of your visitors.

Ecommerce live chat is the bridge between the visitor and the business. If you are planning to launch your website or improve the conversion rates on your existing website, Ecommerce live chat will get you the right customers in less time.

Diving into the ways how to optimize Ecommerce conversions with live chat

Show your visitors you are available

When you include an Ecommerce live chat feature on your website, show it clearly. A clear Live chat text pops over the website with vibrant colors and no loading time interruptions will help your visitors understand you are available to live chat with them and solve their queries.

Do the right placements

Ecommerce live chat requires the right placements to get the benefits of live chat for Ecommerce. Place the Ecommerce live chat button on the home page with a clear view as the customer lands on this page. Place it over the product and pricing pages, if the visitors are going on to these pages they are researching to make a buy

Customized proactive greetings

Ecommerce live chat with a personalized touch will make your customer feel heard and understood. Proactive greetings are a way to ask a customer to start a conversation but when 1000s of visitors are arriving on your website you need to host them differently.

To implement customized proactive greetings for Ecommerce live chat you have to study the behavior patterns of every visitor on your website. Find what pages they spend the most time on, and what makes them stay more or close the tab.

Make a quick list of the customers for Ecommerce live chat.

  1. First-time visitors

  2. Price checking visitors

  3. Product checking visitors

  4. Visitors from different countries

  5. Visitors who are spending less time on your website

This way you can personalize your Ecommerce live chat and greet them in the way they want.

Pro tip: Do not always wait for your visitor to initiate the conversation. Fire them up with a question and get the conversation going.

Get the data

In Ecommerce live chat, users sometimes drop off before completing the conversation. To avoid such cases, make your agents ask about the contact details at the beginning of the chat. This way, if the user is disconnected due to a poor network or some other interruption, you can still get in touch with the user and continue the conversation.

Work on customer support

Adding an Ecommerce live chat feature can bring no good if your customer support service is not up to the mark. Train your workforce to give customers the right solutions to their queries, communicate effectively, be responsive and reduce the wait time for every chat. Customer experiences matter in the Ecommerce business and when you do it right, you are doing the business right.

A quick wrap-up

Ecommerce live chat is soaring high in the world of business and it seems to make a benchmark in the coming time. Decide why your business needs an Ecommerce live chat and set your goals clearly. Take the high road with a data-driven strategy made for your business goals and turn your business into a high-end brand.


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