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Most Profitable Businesses in India

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

If you are looking to start your own business in India, you are bound to be anxious regarding what type of business to start, or whether the type of business you are thinking of starting is profitable or not. In this article, we will not only talk about the most profitable businesses in India but also about their various aspects. So, without further ado, let’s have a look!

Top 10 profitable businesses in India

When it comes to the type of businesses you can start, the list is endless. Due to India’s high population, and people coming from different backgrounds and cultures, India is a great market to start your business in, as you can find a customer base for almost every type of business. Whether you start a small business from your home or start running a large corporation, India offers plenty of opportunities. Here is a list of the best businesses in India.

1. Selling handcrafted products

Ever since work from home was introduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are willing to shift to this working culture. Who wouldn’t want the luxury to start and operate their business from their homes, right?

One of the most profitable businesses in India you can start is manufacturing and selling handcrafted products, such as soaps, scented candles, cards, woodcrafts, and much more. People all over the country want to purchase good quality handcrafted products, which means that this small-scale business can help you pocket a decent amount of profit, from the comfort of your home.

In recent times, customers have become inclined towards purchasing environment-friendly and biodegradable products, in their effort to play their part in protecting the environment, and this has increased the demand for handcrafted products.

Apart from this, this business does not require any huge investments, as customers are willing to rely on online platforms to purchase these products.

2. Plan weddings

Already hearing the wedding music and smelling the tasty food, right? Well, what better place to plan weddings than India, as it is arguably one of the biggest markets for weddings? We hear about crazy fat wedding stories coming from all parts of the country. Every year, people invest lakhs and sometimes even crores of rupees to have the wedding of their dreams. There are a million different things to tick off to ensure one successful wedding, and what if we told you that you can make a sizable profit from these events?

If you feel you have the eye and knack to plan and execute the perfect wedding, then it is the right business for you. The cherry on top is that it is a business that has one of the highest profit margins in India.

You can start with smaller events, and make your way to the top by letting the events you organize speak for themselves. You will also have the liberty to work on a flexible schedule as most of the work, such as meeting the clients, coordinating with vendors, and the wedding itself takes place on the weekends.

Apart from that, if you are a travel buff and can’t seem to take time out of your schedule, being a wedding planner will allow you to travel to different destinations while getting paid! So, if you feel you have what it takes, join the wedding festivities now, and have one of the most profitable businesses in India.

3. Start your own cloud kitchen

Who doesn’t love a tasty and well-cooked meal during their busy schedule, right?

Cloud kitchen, also known as ghost or virtual kitchen, is not only one of the smartest business ideas in the food industry but also one of the most trending businesses in India. It refers to the shared kitchen space between multiple restaurants.

But how it is one of the most profitable businesses in India? Well, as the number of people ordering online through Zomato, Swiggy, etc. will increase, cloud kitchens would play a vital role in meeting this ever-growing demand.

We can find cloud kitchens all over the country, but this trend is more popular in metropolitan cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

The cost of operating a cloud kitchen is much lower than that of operating a restaurant or a cafe, as a cloud kitchen saves money on rent, infrastructure, waiters, and a large staff. Due to this, cloud kitchens are also able to sell their food at lower costs. This helps them retain customers and get repeat orders.

This setup enables multiple brands to work under the same roof, and offer a multi-cuisine and diverse menu to their customers.

4. Help people with their adventures through your travel agency

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and even across the Indian border, our nation is a beautiful place and everyone wishes to see as much of it as possible. People from all over the world want to visit India to witness its diverse culture and scenic beauty.

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From lush green rolling hills to the stunning golden desert, from sapphire and emerald water to sites with a rich heritage, we have it all. So, it certainly makes sense that starting your own traveling agency is one of the most successful business ideas in India.

You would need to partner with multiple clients such as transportation providers, hotels, resorts, and much more to be able to give your customers the perfect travel package they are in the market for. It all comes down to the quality of the service you are providing, the higher the quality, the higher will be your profit, and more and more people will be drawn to your agency.

5. Drop shipping

Starting an eCommerce business of your own can be very enticing. However, when it comes to stocking up, shipping orders to customers, etc., it can be one tedious business to crack, especially if you are just starting.

That is where dropshipping comes in to rescue people with such ambitions. Here all you have to worry about is connecting sellers and buyers. This has been one of the most trending businesses of late, in India. We all have heard of the behemoth in this industry, Shopify, right?

One of the most significant advantages this has over the traditional eCommerce business is that you can start your eCommerce website without having to invest a large amount of money in building an inventory.

How dropshipping works is that a purchase order should be placed with a supplier only after the sale has been made and paid for by the end customer. So, all the money that you need to start your dropshipping business is for setting up a fully functioning and user-friendly website. This also saves you from the trouble of handling physical products.

Apart from that, you are saved from worrying about product-related concerns, such as packing, managing a warehouse, tracking orders and inventory, shopping, returns, and much more.

6. Coaching classes

Starting your coaching classes, or online tuition classes could be one of the most profitable businesses in India, and arguably one of the most cost-effective as well. Today, students and the young population are much more friendly and used to the internet. Hence, this business has been booming, especially since the lockdown. All you need is a good and stable internet connection, time, and the right skill sets, and you are good to go.

Many apps can help you with creating and maintaining a timetable, tracking attendance, and much more. As students from all age groups are in need to attain extra help to score better marks, this is a business that is set to increase in popularity down the years.

7. Pet care services

Woof Woof!

Every pet lover would tell you that this is music to their ears. Almost every household has a pet amongst them and is a huge part of their family. So, this makes pet care services one of the most profitable businesses in India, as people genuinely love to spend money on the well-being of their trusting and loving companions.

Whenever pet owners leave their house for a few days or even weeks, they want to ensure that their pets are being taken care of, in other words, their pets are in the right hands. So, in this large country, with over two crore pet owners, if you can provide the right care for their pets, you can start a very successful and profitable business.

All you need are pet treats, toys, some space, and love for these animals. However, in most cases, pet owners leave their pet’s favorite toys and food behind when they are leaving them with pet care services.

This can be operated from your own home and allows you to operate at flexible hours. You can get started with your neighbors, and if you do a good job, the power of word of mouth will ensure that you have customers willing to leave their companions with you.

8. Commercial cleaning services

In today’s world, we are always on the move, getting things done. Sadly, that leaves us less time to ensure the cleanliness of the homes we live in. However, there is an upside to this. People all over India are always looking for people willing and able to get their houses clean, especially in metropolitan cities.

Not only homeowners, but commercial buildings, offices, and much more are on the lookout for people like that, making cleaning services one of the fast-growing businesses in India.

There can be clients wanting to get small jobs done, such as cleaning a bathroom, or a room, and there will be clients who would need you to clean an entire building, that too regularly, which makes this a stable business. So, the amount of work you get is based on the quality of your service, and the type of customers you have.

You don’t need to have your own office space. You can attract customers through various social media platforms, and the cleaning equipment would not cost much money as well. All you need to ensure is that you have the right team working with you.

If you provide a satisfactory service to any customer, there are chances that they will become your repeat customers, because cleaning is one thing that needs to be done regularly. Once you receive an order, make sure your team is present at the location, at the agreed-upon time, with their equipment, and let the cleaning begin!

9. Website designing

Earlier, a successful business had to have the correct address. Nowadays, every business needs a strong online presence, and a website is nothing but its address on the internet. As customers make most of their purchases online, a website is the best way for a customer to understand a company better and the products or services they have to offer.

You don’t need to set up an office space. All you need to do is acquire the skills to design the best websites possible, and a registered company. Well, a website for your business as well.

As businesses, not only in India but all over the world have understood the importance of having a user-friendly website, you will be in high demand if your websites are appreciated and loved by your clients.

10. Social media manager

We have saved the best for the last. As mentioned above, having a strong social media presence is a must for businesses. However, keeping track of all the various trends, reaching out to people, engaging with other brands, and much more is not a piece of cake. Businesses all over India are on the hunt for reliable and expert social media managers.

A social media manager generally monitors social media platforms for engagement and response, creates a campaign calendar for content distribution, analyses data to understand past performance and improve, increases the number of followers, and much more.

So, if you have a knack for how social media works, or can assemble a team who does, your social media managing business is for sure going to be one of the most in-demand businesses in India.

This wraps up the list of the most profitable businesses in India. However, we have something else in store for you. We have compiled a list of 10 businesses that you can set up that are profitable but require very low or no investment to get started. So, buckle up!

Top 10 profitable businesses that require little or no investment in India

1. Interior Designing

Turning a house into a home is something only a few people can do, and if you are one of those few, then your interior designing business can help many people have their dream homes. The interior designing market of India has changed completely, fancy interiors are not only for rich people anymore.

Indian middle-class families also want and can afford to have modular kitchens, smart furniture, aesthetic lighting, you name it, and they want it. So, this ensures that, if you are a talented interior designer, there is a whole market filled with opportunities out there for you. This can be a great opportunity for you to have one of the most profitable businesses in India.

2. Fashion accessories

One of the most evergreen and profitable businesses in India is the fashion accessories business. Let it be phone cases, jewelry, watches, or even wallets, this industry is bound to make you a substantial amount of profit if you are providing your customers with the right, good quality products.

Traditionally, this business used to be women-oriented. However, times have changed and men want some fashion accessories, such as bands, rings, bracelets, and much more, for themselves. All you need is a knack for producing quality products and a reliable source for acquiring them.

3. Photography

Everyone wants the perfect shot to capture their most precious memories, and if you have got great photography skills then you might have a great shot at having a successful photography business.

People want good photographs for various events, such as weddings, pre-wedding shoots, birthday parties, or any get-together. Even businesses want to showcase their products in the best possible way, and the first thing they look for to do so is a professional photographer.

So, all you need is a good camera, lens, tripod, or any such basic investment, and you could be on your own to run a profitable photography business in India.

4. Scrap collection

You may be surprised to hear this, but the scrap that rag pickers, locally known as ‘kabris’ pick up daily, consist of valuable items that you can sell for a sizable profit. It is indeed true that the scrap collection in India is not as organized as it is in the west, but the kabaris will bring the scrap right to you, for you to sell.

All you need to do is separate different materials, and sell them to a dealer or a manufacturing facility directly. You would need to know about the type of materials you find in your scrap, find the right seller, and have one of the most profitable businesses in India.

5. Co-working space

This is a relatively new concept, but an effective one, and more and more companies are shifting to this, especially the ones that are starting their operations.

So, if you have a bigger office than you need, or some space that you don’t use, you can easily convert it into a co-working space. This is one of the types of businesses that need zero investment and is one of the most profitable businesses in India.

6. Pharmaceutical business

India is the largest exporter of generic drugs. The Indian pharmaceutical market has always been a growing market and is constantly innovating. The pharma sector was one of the few sectors that were not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as well. This is a sector that allows you to enter in various ways, such as manufacturing, engineering, procuring raw materials, and research. This makes the pharmaceutical business one of the most profitable businesses in India.

7. Online bakery

One of the most profitable businesses in India that require very less investment to set up is online bakeries. Due to the power of social media, you can attract and reach a wide audience, without doing much effort, or spending money.

We have seen the emergence of these small online bakeries in the last few years. You will be able to provide quality products at reasonable prices, to all the foodies in India.

8. Affiliate marketing

The affiliate marketing business is booming and requires absolutely zero investment. So, if you own a website or a blog that generates quite a substantial amount of traffic, you can run ads for other businesses. So, when a user visits your website and clicks on any ad running on your website or blog, you earn a commission for the profit these businesses make through the traffic you have diverted to them.

As mentioned above, running your eCommerce website is one of the most profitable businesses in India, it allows you to earn through affiliates as well. So, this means that your eCommerce website earns you profit in more than one way.

9. Copywriting business

This is another profitable business that you can start with zero investment. All you need is a stable and fast internet connection, a laptop, and a knack to be able to write good quality, unique content.

You can start as a freelancer, and as you get more clients and make a name for yourself, you can start hiring other writers and expanding your business, attracting clients from different industries.

This business allows you to work from anywhere in the world and gives you the flexibility to be able to work at flexible hours. As businesses require to have a strong presence online, they are in dire need of good quality content, regularly.

10. Online cooking classes

If you have a MasterChef inside you, starting your own online cooking classes can be a profitable business for you in India.

Cooking, like any other skill, needs practice and guidance to master. As the way to the hearts of Indians is through their stomach, people all over the country want to master their culinary skills. You can start your online cooking classes without spending any money by starting them right from your home. You don’t need to hire more people as well, as you can grow this business on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which business earns the most money in India?

The most profitable businesses in India are:

  1. Handcrafted products

  2. Wedding planner

  3. Cloud kitchen

  4. Travel agency

  5. Dropshipping

  6. Coaching classes

  7. Pet care services

  8. Commercial cleaning services

  9. Website designing

  10. Social media manager

What are the top 5 most profitable businesses?

The top 5 most profitable businesses in India are as follows:

  1. Commercial cleaning services

  2. Pet care services

  3. Affiliate marketing

  4. Wedding planner

  5. Social media manager

Which business is most profitable in India in the future?

India is the largest exporter of generic drugs. The Indian pharmaceutical market has always been a growing market and is constantly innovating.

The pharma sector was one of the few sectors that were not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as well. This is a sector that allows you to enter in various ways, such as manufacturing, engineering, procuring raw materials, and research.

This makes the pharmaceutical business the most profitable business in India in the future.

Which businesses give high returns?

The following businesses give high returns in India:

  1. Cloud kitchen

  2. Pet care services

  3. Travel agency

  4. Wedding planner

  5. Commercial cleaning services

  6. Website designing

Can a business make 100% profit?

Yes, there are businesses that can make 100% profit in India, provided you do the right things. The businesses are:

  1. Copywriting business

  2. Pet care services

  3. Affiliate marketing

  4. Photography

  5. Pharmaceutical business

Which type of business grows fast?

There are many businesses that grow fast, especially the ones in which you are selling your services. Some examples are:

  1. Social media manager

  2. Copywriting business

  3. Online cooking classes

  4. Coaching classes

  5. Commercial cleaning services

Which is the fastest-earning business?

There are many businesses you can start in India that are fast-earning businesses. Some examples are:

  1. Travel agency

  2. Handcrafted products

  3. Coaching classes

  4. Commercial cleaning services

  5. Website designing

  6. Social media manager

  7. Interior designing


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