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Ratings and Reviews

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Windo is an online store creator made for businesses in various niches looking to create an online shop in minutes to sell their products online. It’s a technology platform for influencers, solopreneurs, creators, and small and mid-sized businesses to set up an online shop in minutes without coding or subscription.

This documentation will guide you through the ratings and reviews feature in the Windo app.

Enabling Ratings And Reviews

With this online store creator’s Ratings and Reviews feature, you can allow customers to review and rate after an order is complete. Customers will see a “Rate the product” option once you mark the order as complete or shipping status as delivered or picked up. Follow the steps below to enable the ratings and review feature in Windo.

Online store builder
  1. Open the Windo app.

  2. Tap the Settings tab below.

  3. Scroll down to Customize Shop Website.

  4. Tap on Ratings & Reviews.

  5. Turn the toggle button ON to enable ratings and reviews for customers.

  6. Check Approve ratings automatically to approve customer ratings automatically.

  7. You can always disable automatically approved ratings in Windo.

That’s how easy it is to enable ratings and reviews for customers for your online shop.


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