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Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Developing a multi-millionaire business is the dream of every budding entrepreneur. Even though everyone wants to become financially stable, most have no clear-cut idea of achieving business goals and generating wealth. So, what are the most successful small scale business ideas from home in India?

The only proven way to become a millionaire is by investing in the right business idea, even if you have a small upfront capital to start it. The things you need to know about are- how, what, and where to look to set up small businesses.

In 2022, India secured 14th position and 63rd rank amongst 190 nations in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Rankings. It is a giant leap, and digitalization has contributed significantly to it, whether it is paperwork to set up a company or selling online products. If you want to become an entrepreneur, here is the list of the most successful small business ideas in India that can make you a millionaire.

About Small Scale Business

A small-scale business is a type of business setup where all the financial commitment towards the infrastructure, including equipment, building, and furniture, whether made as the business owner, purchase or rental basis and must not exceed the limit of Rs. 1 Cr. In India, The small scale business ideas from home in India have the following characteristics:

  1. Small team sizes/limited employees

  2. Relatively low profitability and revenue

  3. Limited to small markets

  4. Function as a Limited Liability Partnership or a Proprietorship

What are the Benefits of Starting a Small Scale Business in India?

Starting small and getting bigger is the mantra of small-scale businesses in India. Some of the worth mentioning benefits of the most successful small business ideas in India are:

  1. Low capital investment

  2. Becoming a boss which is everyone’s dream

  3. The risk of failure is minimal

  4. Setting up or starting a small scale business is easy

  5. Flexible government terms, schemes, and bank offers

  6. Tax benefits for owners

Small Scale Business Ideas from Home in India in 2023

Many budding entrepreneurs dream of starting a small business from home in India. But the struggle to choose the right small scale business ideas from home in India is quite challenging. There is no shortcut to reaching that perfect big idea. So, here is a quick rundown of the 30 most successful small business ideas in India that can make you a millionaire.

1. Cloud Kitchen

If cooking is your favorite hobby, you can start your cloud kitchen business from home. All you need to have is a functional home kitchen and a Smartphone. Many food delivery platforms and applications help enterprises reach customers looking for lip-smacking foods.

2. Candle Making

The use of scented candles in Indian homes is increasing and has increased the demand for scented candles. But, the interesting fact is that it is quite easy to produce. You only need four crucial ingredients, essential oil, wax, a mold, and wicks.

Homemade scented candles are sold online, and it helps entrepreneurs to earn up to 20-25K a month, making it one of the successful small scale business ideas from home in India.

3. Social Media Influencer

You can become a social media influencer if you enjoy creating creative content. If you have the skills to create unique and engaging content, start your career on social media and engage with your followers. You will develop a huge follower base if your content gets viral and engagement increases.

Suppose you manage to do promotions and collaborations smartly. In that case, you can become an asset for brands that can help you fetch huge money and enviable packages as a social media influencer, making it one of the best small scale business ideas from home in India.

4. Digital Marketing Agency

By 2025, the digital sphere will flourish at a CAGR of 27.4% to cross the 50,000 Cr benchmark. So, anyone with digital marketing skills can start their career as a digital marketer using the resources like designers, writers, social media managers, developers, and search engine marketers. You can even get web hosting for your clients and sell hosting services.

Since everything is managed digitally, you are not required to have an office until your team becomes large enough.

5. Personalized Gifts

Exchanging gifts during special occasions and festivals is a crucial part of Indian culture. Since every person wants to get creative when sending gifts to their loved ones, there is a massive demand for personalized and customized gifts in India.

Sustainable, homemade, and cognizant gifting is grabbing attention, making it one of the most successful small business ideas in India that can be operated from home. But, working with a suitable vendor and seller is a crucial aspect of the business.

6. Tiffin Service

Many Indian cities are the home to young aspirants who migrate from small towns for better opportunities. Since many aspirants seek home-cooking meals, the urge for tiffin services or home-based tiffin centers has increased in the recent past.

The restaurant industry is worth 75K Cr and is growing at a rate of 7 percent. Leveraging the opportunity to begin a home-based tiffin center can help make good profits. Homemakers can start offering monthly meals with simple menus and make a good income out of it.

7. Organic Farming

If you love farming and prefer home-grown produce, you can profit from the organic farming business. Organic farming is getting popular as people are becoming more conscious about their health and consumption. Consumers are sourcing directly from organic farmers to ensure the vegetables and fruits they consume are free from chemicals and pesticides.

8. Share Trading

If you have the skills to analyze patterns and numbers, it can be one of the best small scale business ideas from home in India to help you earn good profit. Start with small investments, and the best part is that it can be done as a part-time business because trading is done only for limited hours of the day. There are online trading courses that can help you master trading skills.

9. Insurance Agents

Many people start a part-time job as insurance agents along with their regular permanent job. However, some people who are good at selling insurance plans make it a full-fledged business to make a good profit and commission.

The market size of the insurance sector in India is likely to go beyond 5.3% by 2023, and it is expected to increase in the future, making it one of the most successful small business ideas in India.

10. Online Tuition Classes

With a webcam or a smartphone and expertise in a subject, one can start giving online tuition to students. During the pandemic, many teachers and educators started giving students tuition classes online, and it has soon become a lucrative business. If you think you have the qualities to become a good educator, start taking online classes, which could be a perfect venture for you.

11. Babysitting

Since the global pandemic is stabilizing, workplaces are resuming gradually, but schools are still nonfunctional. So, working parents are looking for reliable babysitters. Anyone with patience and skills to take care of kids can open a babysitting business. All you need to do is to invest time to become a successful babysitter. It is one of the best small scale business ideas from home in India for non-working women, homemakers, and young girls.

12. Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is another flourishing market because pet owners go to a great extent to ensure their pet is in good health and well-being. From pawdicures to spawns, the niche has grown into a full-fledged service. It demands very minimal investment and grooming equipment. If you are a pet lover and prefer taking care of pets, it is the most lucrative business to start in India.

13. Lamaze Educator

Lamaze is a natural birthing method involving exercises and workouts to ease natural delivery. You must have certification to practice and be specialized in the niche. It is one of the most successful small business ideas in India, provided that you have the relevant expertise and interest to start the business.

14. Salon Services at Home

Salon services at home could be a great business idea if you have the zeal and skills in hair styling, makeup, and grooming. After the global pandemic, many people were forced to seek salon services at home, making at-home salon services more sought-after.

You can promote your home salon services online and on social media platforms and get clients. There is a very minimal investment to become a beautician in India.

15. Natural and Organic Cosmetic Selling

As many people are against products that use harsh chemicals and have been tested on animals, there is a great demand for organic and natural cosmetics in India. Homemade, natural, cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics and brands are trending and hot these days, making it one of the best small scale business ideas from home in India.

If you master the skills of producing handmade, organic beauty products, it is time to venture into the market with your brand and start making a good profit with minimal investment.

16. Antique Business

Antique businesses can be both large-scale and small-scale. Anyone with access to antiques and artifacts can venture into the antique business and start selling the products online. All you need to do is to develop a network so that you can participate in auctions.

You must establish a brand that guarantees high returns and profits in the long run.

17. Handmade Soap Business

Handmade, natural soaps are widely used as part of a conscious project or gifting. Soap making is easy with few ingredients and demands low investment. Anyone can make handmade soap at home, and the soap can be priced around 100 INR, and in a single batch, one can produce up to 100 soaps which can help you earn up to 10K INR.

Handmade soap can be sold online on any platform and promote their brand on social media.

18. Homemade Chocolate

Chocolates are the predictable ingredients for any special occasion and celebration. One can make customized chocolates according to the client’s demands. If you love experimenting with chocolates, you can develop a great small scale business that you can run from home.

19. Homemade Snacks

Homemade snacks are an integral part of our lifestyle. It is a tradition that has been in existence for ages. People are looking for traditional homemade snacks to avoid unhealthy and processed snacks. It is one of the most successful small business ideas in India that you can run from your home.

Some brands even customize the taste using unique ingredients. So, if you love cooking or want to experiment with snacking, start your homemade snack business and sell your products online.

20. Freelancer

If you have the skills to write creative content, code, design, and video editing, you can start earning as a freelancer. There are multiple websites and forums where you will find services and job offers to kick-start your freelancing journey. Freelancing provides flexible working hours and lets you manage projects as per your comfort levels.

21. Photo Business

If you love photography, you can start a profitable business from your home in a matter of time. It offers many lucrative options, including travel photography, wedding photography, stock photography, product photography, and more.

22. Landscape Designer

Landscape designers are professionals who care for landscaping design and types of plants grown across the landscape. Resorts, bungalows, and farmhouse owners often seek the help of landscape designers to transform the landscape into a captivating garden.

23. Real Estate Consultants

The real estate business is getting highly lucrative, with good potential to make money easily. The profit margins are quite high, and it demands good networking. Real estate agents are the middlemen, so you can start the business from your home office. As your business flourishes, you can invest in office spaces.

24. Tax & Accounting Service

If you hold a degree in taxation and accounting, you may prefer to start your accounting and taxation service from home. You can serve businesses and individuals and charge them based on the services offered. But, you need the right degree, permits, certifications, and interest in the business.

25. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a new concept in India that is more like retailing but with some changes. You just have to invest in the online store from where you will take the orders. You can buy the products from wholesalers and fulfill the orders, and the wholesaler will send the products to the customers on your behalf.

The business can be done from home without needing a physical store to handle the products, making it the best small scale business ideas from home in India.

26. App & Web Developing Service

If you master the skills of coding and web development or know any professional who can, you can start an app or web development business right from your home. Online businesses invest in applications and websites, and the initial investment is very low, allowing new entrepreneurs to start small-scale ventures.

27. Catering Service

Catering is the best small scale business to start in India if you have the skills to cook large meals. The business idea has a huge earning potential, and if you want to take the business to the next level, go digital. It will help you find more patrons and see your business flourishing in leaps and bounds.

28. Photocopying & Printing Business

This one is for those living close to government offices, colleges, municipal offices, and schools. If you reside close to any of these offices, you can start a photocopy and printing business at your home. All you need is a decent amount of space in front of your house, a printer and a photocopier. You can also sell stationary for some extra income.

29. Travel Agent

Thanks to the digital booking option for accommodation and travel, becoming a remote travel agent has become very easy. The agency can be operated from your home without investing in any office space or furniture. All you need is good contacts and networking with corporations and people operating in the tourism and travel industry.

30. Rural Handicraft Business

Many households in rural areas depend significantly on producing and selling handicraft products. Because of zero business understanding and access to the internet, they often fail to promote and operate their business.

So, one can collaborate with those artisans and help them sell their handicraft products online. You may either opt for a sale-based commission or buy in bulk and sell them online from your home. Apart from making a huge profit from the business, you will also help the rural population to earn.

Final Thought!

So, those are some of the best small scale business ideas from home in India. The small scale business possibilities and ideas are limitless and because of the countless opportunities, starting a business in India is easy. Whether you want to resign from typical 9-5 jobs or want to venture into the business world, there is something for everyone.

Most of the small scale business ideas mentioned in the list may not interest you, but you must ensure choosing the business ideas depends upon your skill set, interest, and available resources.

You will find the most successful small business ideas in India that appeal to you from a feasibility standpoint. So, choose the business ideas wisely and see your business flourishing with high-profit margins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Business Can I Start at Home in India?

There are many businesses that you can start from home in India. However, choosing the right business based on your interest areas is essential. Some of the best small scale business ideas from home in India are home chocolate-making business, recruitment services, Tiffin services, tailoring, yoga classes, hobby classes, networking marketing, organic farming, photography, exclusive plant nurseries, and more. There is no shortage of business ideas in India. But you must choose the right business ideas that suit your needs and interests.

What are the Most Successful Businesses in India?

Talking about the most successful small business ideas in India, there are plenty of options to pick from. The list includes interior decoration and design, pharmaceutical business, labor contractor, organic farming, cloud kitchen, fashion accessories, photography, exclusive plant nurseries, housekeeping services, event management, property management, landscape design, scrap collection, pre-recruitment assessment, online ads services, and web designing.

How to Start a Business in 50000 Rupees?

There are many business ideas that you can start in India with an initial budget of 50,000 INR. All you need is the skills to launch a business that interests you, promote the business, and the right equipment. Many companies can help small scale businesses start their company or firm with low budgets.

You may approach those companies for assistance to set up your company at a low budget of 50K. Small-scale farming, pet sitting, car washing, mobile phone shopping, food business, and laundry services are some businesses you can start with a minimal budget.

How Do I Start a Small Scale Business from Home?

Firstly, you must choose from the best small scale business ideas from home in India and find the one that interests you. You have to identify the business idea, validate the business idea, get a business logo and name, construct a business plan and understand the business finances.

As you complete the initial procedure to set up a business from home, it is time to find finances. Many banks are financing small scale businesses. As you get the finances, choose the correct structure for your small scale business and let the necessary permits and licenses to commence your business from home.

What are the Top 10 Small Businesses?

The list of the 30 most successful business ideas in India is shared above, and you must review the list to find the business idea that interests you. To narrow down the search and help you find the best small scale business ideas, here are the top 10 ideas for you. It includes catering services, a photocopying and printing shop, a mobile travel agent, a rural handicraft shop, a tiffin center, a digital marketing agency, a cloud kitchen, organic farming, online tuition classes, and pet sitting.

What Cheap Business Can I Start?

If you want to start a business with a low budget upfront, many business ideas will inspire your entrepreneurial passion. Some of the business ideas to start with a low budget are a virtual or personal assistant, content creation, concierge services, event planning services, social media consultant, professional reviewer, online tutoring and courses, private chef, software training, music classes, sustainability consultants, digital marketing services, bookkeeping services, graphic designer, affiliate marketing, blogger, resume writer, and meal planner.

What are the 5 Most Profitable Businesses?

Before starting a business, you must understand the market, competition, industry, and niche of the business you want to establish. There are many profitable business ideas, but you must focus on choosing the most successful business that interests you. The top 5 profitable businesses to start in India are real estate agents, interior designers and decoration, web development and designing, food & beverage business, and cloud kitchens.


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