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What Will Be The Next Big Thing In Online Shopping?

Ecommerce business owners are constantly looking for the next big thing that will attract attention from shoppers. With a lot of major retailers expanding their online presence, many have identified one particular trend: more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, preferring products sourced locally rather than globally. There are several ways businesses can cater to this trend, including diversifying by opening a paid or free online store (with a diy online store builder), focused solely on retailing locally made products. If you’re looking to localize your business, but don’t know how, seek inspiration from these tips.

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Customer Data To Improve Marketing Strategies

How can we generate customer data to improve marketing strategies to sell on Instagram and other storefronts? customer data is often used to create customer segments and target them with more personalized messaging or offers. However, using customer data can also be misleading as a result of the information being obtained from multiple sources that might not fully reflect what customers really like or find useful. But with localization in E-commerce, you can access information in your catchment area to direct your marketing efforts. For example, Singapore has the singpass that provides a digital platform for a number of services such as banking, shopping and bill payment. Singpass was created by the government to give Singaporeans a single, easy and convenient way to manage their personal information. Singpass is a great example of the use of customer data for a lot of purposes. While its main aim is to give Singaporeans a single, convenient way to manage their personal information, its introduction has been used by various government agencies and organizations to deliver targeted marketing messages that can be very useful.

Machine Learning Will Enable Personalized Shopping Experiences

Machine learning will ensure all customers receive a personalized, localized shopping experience, no matter how tiny the order. With the rise of machine learning, there are many technologies coming out that are able to better serve consumers. These personalized shopping experiences are becoming more mainstream as retailers are using them to keep up with the competition. For example, target and amazon both offer customers the option to view reviews for products before purchasing. Google’s shopping assistant also lets you compare prices at different stores.

Online Shopping Will Go Mobile

Online shopping is a huge part of consumer behavior today. There are many websites, from amazon to ebay to etsy, where people can make purchases from their desktops or phones. Over the next few years, the use of technology in retail will continue to grow with the aid of tools like Instagram shopping and online store builders. The rise of technology is expected to help improve the shopping experience and make online retail easier than ever.

Voice Technology Will Fuel Automated Commerce

Using voice technology will fuel the local online commerce engine (a huge plus if you have a paid or free E-commerce website), Making almost all commercial interactions fully automated. In the future, voice recognition will be a critical aspect of online retail. Customers will be able to ask for assistance with placing an order or obtaining a product recommendation. Voice technology will be as ubiquitous as touch screens in retail stores. It will be part of the customer’s shopping experience. Another way voice technology is already impacting retail is in the form of smartphone apps. Retailers are using mobile apps to improve service, enhance convenience, and build loyalty. Voice-activated shopping assistants allow customers to order products or services without leaving the store. As more retailers start to see the benefit of voice-activated shopping, they will be spurred to build their own mobile apps.

Social Media Shopping Will Localize The Storefront

Social media shopping will localize the storefront to allow any company to sell their products to a micro-segment. The main goal of social media is to reach as many people as possible within that segment. What better way than through social media?

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