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Connect a Custom Domain to Your Windo Shop

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Connect a domain you already own to your WINDO shop by changing the CNAME or A records. Through this connection method, WINDO hosts your shop in your own domain, while your domain remains registered with its current host.

In most cases, we recommend connecting via A records. However, you can also connect using your CNAME records pointing to below mentioned details.

Step 1: Update the A or CNAME Records in Your Domain Host Account

To connect your domain, you must update your domain’s A records or CNAME in your domain host account (usually the company you bought your domain from).

You will see a step-by-step outline below, which will help you to go through the steps to change the name servers in your domain’s current host account.

The below steps will tell you everything you need to know, including the A or CNAME records you should use.

1. Log into Your Domain Host

  1. Open a new tab in your browser.

  2. Go to your domain host’s site and log in.

2. Find Your Domain Settings Page

  1. Go to the domains page on your domain host’s site.

  2. Find your domain and go to the settings panel.

3. Find Your DNS Settings or Manage DNS Records

  1. In your domain settings, find the area where you manage or edit DNS records.

4. Replace Your DNS Records

Please note that <your sub-domain pre-fix> should be replaced with your actual sub-domain name like shop or store etc.,

Step 2: Add The Domain to Your WINDO Shop

After updating the DNS settings in your domain host account, go to the Custom Domain page in your WINDO app and add the domain.

If the domain is already connected to a WINDO Shop account, there’s no need for you to continue to Step 2 unless you want to edit/change the domain to another domain.

Please note if your domain records are not properly updated, you’ll see a message in your WINDO app that “ ”

Step 3: Wait For Your Domain To Propagate

Your work is done. It may take up to 48-72 hours for your domain’s new A records to propagate and your site to appear worldwide.

Note: If you want to disconnect your domain anytime from your WINDO Shop anytime, you can remove or reset your A or CNAME records back to your previous record mapping.

Also, note that you can toggle your domain connection maximum 3 times in a week i.e you can change your domain more than three times in a week.

Connect your custom domain and reap the benefits of it now.


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