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Shop Website Theme Settings

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

About Windo

Windo is an online store creator or builder made for businesses from various niches looking to create an online shop in minutes to sell their products online. A technology platform for influencers, solopreneurs, creators, and small and mid-sized businesses to set up an online shop in minutes without coding or subscription.

Changing Shop Website Theme

You can change and customize your shop website theme in the Customize Shop Website section. Follow the steps below to change your shop’s theme in Windo.

  1. Open the Windo app.

  2. Scroll down to the Customize Shop Website section.

  3. Tap Themes.

Instagram ecommerce store
  1. You will find multiple themes for your shop here.

Woocommerce alternative
  1. Tap on Apply to apply the theme.

  2. Tap on Details to see an overview of the theme.

Shopify alternative
  1. Tap on Pick Color to customize the theme.

  2. Tap on Preview to view a preview of your desired theme.

shop for instagram

To customize a selected theme, follow the steps below.

how to sell a product online for free
  1. Open Theme settings from the home page.

  2. Tap on Customize.

create online store free
  1. Pick a top-picked color for your shop.

  2. You can view the shop preview by scrolling down.

  3. You can choose custom colors for your shop website on a premium plan.

  4. Once you’ve customized the shop theme, tap on Save Changes to save all changes.

You have now successfully changed your shop’s theme in Windo.


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