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Custom Domain

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Windo is an online store creator or builder made for businesses from various niches looking to create an online shop in minutes to sell their products online. This technology platform helps influencers, solopreneurs, creators, and small and mid-sized businesses set up an online shop in minutes without coding or subscription.

This documentation will guide you through the custom domain feature in the Windo app.

Custom Domain Settings

With the custom domain feature, you can associate your existing website domain with your Windo shop website.

Follow the steps below to connect your custom domain to your Windo shop.

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  1. Open the Windo app.

  2. Tap on the ‘Settings’ tab below.

  3. Scroll down to ‘Customize Shop Website’.

  4. Tap on ‘Custom domain’.

  5. You can paste the nameserver details provided here into the DNS settings of your domain.

  6. You can use CNAME records or A records to connect your custom domain.

  7. It is recommended to use A records to connect your domain with Windo.

Read this step-by-step guide to successfully connect your domain using A or CNAME records.

  1. Now, enter your domain name under the ‘Connect Domain’ field.

  2. Tap on ‘Connect’ to complete the connection process.

  3. Tap on ‘Buy a domain’ below if you don’t own a domain name.

It may take up to 72 hours to connect your custom domain with Windo. This timeline varies from provider to provider.


The custom domains feature allows you to have a custom domain name for your shop website. For example, customers will visit hosted on Windo instead of That way, you can ensure Windo branding removal in the URL and deal confidently with your customers.

It is recommended that online stores have their custom domain names as it enhances credibility and trust among visitors and buyers of your online shop. Refer to this guide to set a custom domain name for your Windo shop.


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