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5 Reasons Product Reviews Are Important For Your Online Store

Ten years ago, it was customary to ask a friend or family member for a recommendation before making a big purchase. Today, a review from a stranger could be worth far more. The power of product ratings and reviews defines some of the world’s best buy and sell websites. When it comes to buying and selling online, one buyer’s review could influence another buyer’s purchase – days, months, or even years later. Here are seven reasons why, as a small business, you should feature ratings and reviews on your platform to sell online.

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Buying and selling online involves a lot of unknowns – particularly if your shop is still new on the block. Reviews can lend your brand authenticity and instill trust and confidence in your customers. Along with great reviews, comes great word-of-mouth. Positive reviews can propel positive reviews, so you’ll really be putting your marketing plan on autopilot both online and offline.

Newbie Advantage

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a newbie to buy and sell websites, reviews can put you on a level playing field. Here’s an example. If you were looking to buy a product, would you rather buy from a shop with ten 2-star ratings or one with three 5-star ratings? see, most people would favor the store with higher but fewer ratings. This means you can still break ground, even if you’re new.

Feedback Flow

Nobody’s perfect. And customers will be sure to let you know when there’s something wrong. By getting customer feedback, you can fill the gaps in your business, improve customer satisfaction and create a positive feedback loop that helps you garner loyalty and goodwill among your customers. With Windo, you can choose to unpublish unsavory reviews to save them from denting your brand. At the same time, you can use the feedback to better your service.

Customer’s Voice

The best products to sell online are reviews. When customers have a platform to voice their confidence and concerns, they’re more likely to feel faithfulness to your brand. It’s like a permanent relationship forged in the way of words. When you cast the spotlight on your customers this way, they’ll feel like coming back to buy more.

SEO All The Way

When it comes down to it, your shop’s success is written in your SEO. Literally, reviews are thought to play a big role in boosting search results. Especially if they include keywords. By requesting your customers to leave reviews with specific high-ranking keywords, you can consider your SEO a done deal.No matter how small your business is, it’s important to host reviews. On Windo, our ratings and reviews section provides a wonderful bridge between customers new and old. The best part? as a seller, you still maintain complete control. You can choose to approve each review manually or keep the auto-approve option, and even unpublish individual reviews. Reviews and ratings can inspire customers to make their best buy yet. it’s the best kind of marketing there is.


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