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5 Reasons To Start An E-commerce Storefront If You’re a Freelancer

If you’re a freelancer or looking to become one, you’re probably wondering how best to market your services. Should you register on a freelancer buy and sell website? should you open your own E-commerce store? as a freelancer, the way you project yourself to the world should be an authentic reflection of your skills and capabilities. Perhaps you’re a natural storyteller or a design ninja or a creative genius looking to branch out on your own. What you have to offer should come out clearly to the world, and including samples, videos and customer testimonials (this applies if you’ve done prior freelance work) can make all the difference.

The big question – where does all this go?

It’s a good idea to pick a route that minimizes paperwork, roundabout client decisions and keeps your work front and center. Here’s where an online storefront can help. and while you might associate a storefront with tangible products and services, it can be great for services too. It can showcase your past work and display your service packages. So all customers have to do is add to the cart and checkout voila. Here are some things you should know before starting a freelancing career.

Table of Contents

  1. Know What You’re Looking For?

  2. Decide Whether You Want To go Full-Time Or Part-Time

  3. Fix Your Charges

  4. Make An Impression Online

  5. Create An Online Storefront

Know What You’re Looking For?

Is it flexibility you’re seeking? is it a lifestyle on the road? or maybe you’re looking to turn a side hustle into a full-time business. Start by deciding what to sell and where to sell. and also, what you’re seeking on this journey. Recall your favorite past projects and reflect on which ones inspired you and fuelled your imagination the most. If you’re looking to mirror the same creative spirit and intellectual know-how into your freelancing career, it’s a good idea to take on projects that are in line with your sensibilities. With Windo’s simple and easy website builder, you can keep the focus firmly on your work.

Decide Whether You Want To go Full-Time Or Part-Time

first thing’s first. Are you jumping into this full-time or doing it alongside your job? freelancing can be your ticket to professional freedom if you play your cards right. After all, who doesn’t want to be their own boss? that said, it’s important to decide how many hours you’ll put into freelancing beforehand. With Windo, you can choose to accept or decline orders based on your bandwidth and take on only those projects that you love.

Fix Your Charges

When fixing your charges, there are two things to consider – one, how much money you need to make, and two, how much clients will be willing to pay. Deciding your target audience (and what to sell them) is a good place to start. If you think you can offer more value than other freelancers, it’s worth considering high-value clients who will be willing to pay a premium. Once you know how much you can make, you can ration your time accordingly.

Make An Impression Online

Gone are the days when you’d need to meet a client to make it a done deal. Making an impression today is all about packing a punch online. Nothing loses you customers faster than a shoddy website. Windo has customizations that let you create a fabulous, functional website in minutes – and all for free.

Create An Online Storefront

The life of a freelancer entails a whole lot of meetings. Some productive, others not so much. Let your work speak for itself through an e-commerce storefront. This way, clients will have less of a reason to want to meet in person (or on zoom). Plus, a storefront will automatically attract more clients, saving you the effort of promoting yourself.

Creating an e-commerce shop is one of the best ways to sell online – even for services. You can introduce bundled packages, easy promotions and discounts, and customizations for your services. With Windo, you can create your own platform to sell online, and with our themes and personalizations, you can make it truly, uniquely, and authentically yours.

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