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5 Ways To Grow Your Online Store with Social Media Marketing

There’s no doubt that social media is the place to be for buying and selling online. After all, the rate at which social media users are increasing is mind-boggling! In 2020, 490 million users joined social media, which translates to roughly 15.5 new users per second. So, it’s not difficult to understand why social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become hot property for online sellers. If you’re looking to scale your social media strategy, take note of these 5 tips to take your business to the next level.

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Be Consistent

These are the questions on every seller’s lips:

  1. How can I use social media to grow my store?

  2. How can I promote my store?

  3. Can I set up my own store and sell online for free?

Remember – using social media for brand promotion is the easy part. Getting results from it is altogether a different ball game. In the world of social media, where brands are clamoring for mindshare, being consistent is key. Listen to your audience, share your message clearly and encourage others to share your content.

Tailor Your Content

Content being the most vital cog in the wheel, you should fine-tune it to the taste of your target audience. Engaging content is your ticket to potential customers, and the numbers back it up. 56% of social media users end up buying a product or service if they find its social media content interesting. If you want your shop to grow, come up with social media posts that educate and entertain your audience. It’s worth reading up on how to sell products online to know how best to mirror your social media strategy.

Choose The Right Platform

As per an estimate, the number of social media users in 2025 will increase to 4.41 billion. The majority of these users are going to be spread across four platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. and so arises the question – what is the best platform to sell online? The truth is, there’s no single right answer. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. If you want to connect with local community groups, Facebook may be an ideal choice. Instagram is a great platform to brand your products or services, and even sell online for free! with WINDO, you can set up an online shop in under two minutes and import images from your Instagram account to create an instant storefront. Instagram is also useful when it comes to engaging with your customers. YouTube is ideal for community building and video sharing, while Twitter may play the role of completing your online identity.

Embrace Best Practices

Keeping yourself updated on the best practices in social media marketing can take your social media presence from flat to fabulous. Pay attention to your competitors’ campaigns to see what’s working and what isn’t. for example, Reels on Instagram can give you fantastic visibility. And adding compelling visual elements to your content can increase your views by 94%. If you’ve been considering accepting cash for your orders, a strong social media presence can make customers take you seriously and minimize drop-out orders. this way, you can sell stuff online for cash without the worry of last-minute cancellations.

Set Realistic Goals

Every business on Instagram or Facebook wants to have hundreds of likes and thousands of followers. But when you are just getting started, you need to view things realistically. Set goals that sound achievable. review your social media marketing plan every three or four weeks. Worrying too much about your follower count can be futile. Instead, your focus should be on gaining relevant followers. That’s how you can generate a decent engagement rate. Simultaneously, bring your store to the forefront by seeking out the best places to sell online. With WINDO, you can sell online for free. Plus, it takes under two minutes to set up. When you make buying quick and easy for your customers, they’ll see the value in buying from you over others – it’s a win-win!


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