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7 Instagram Reels Tricks You Never Knew You Needed

They’re all over Instagram – those rubber stamp Reels with the same moves, over and over. Like Elvis on repeat. And while you’d think all that movin’ and groovin’ would be as boring as toast, it turns out it makes for pretty great viewing – and pretty great marketing for platforms to sell online. With AR effects, whimsical stickers, and a brilliant library of music, Instagram has you covered for short-form videos.

Without a well-thought-out marketing strategy, what to sell and where to sell it can be mind-numbingly difficult. If you’re a buy and sell website considering using Instagram Reels to grow your reach and notch up your quirk quotient along the way, the following tips and tricks can help you step up your game (and be the best way to sell online).

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Hit The 1-Minute Magic Mark

When it launched, Instagram Reels had a hard stop of 15 seconds. But no longer! with a whole minute’s worth of recording time at your disposal, you can get creative with your content and push out cleverly packaged marketing videos that people will actually pay attention to. It’s easy to toggle between time settings on Reels. If you are stuck on a specific time loop and aren’t sure how to increase or decrease the length of your Reel, tap the tiny circle button (showing 15 seconds by default) at the top of the camera tools to choose between 15, 30, and 60 seconds.

Alter Your Video Length

Recorded a Reel but kicking yourself over its length? gone are the days when you’d need a third-party app to cut your clip short. To modify your video length, tap on the Video Length button to toggle between 15, 30, and 60 seconds. Next, tap the timer button. Once you’ve done that, drag the slider to modify the length of the video. Or, you can save yourself all that trouble by simply adjusting the countdown before you record your clip.

Align Your Reels

Golden tip, right here! with the native video alignment tool within Reels, you can align your videos in a snap. Finished recording? just tap the Video Alignment button. There you have it – a neatly aligned Reel without any fuss. Ta-da!

Slow Down or Speed Up Your Reels

Ever watched a Reel that played out like a Charlie Chaplin production? not only is it brilliantly comical, but it also gets the point across quickly. The native speed adjustment feature for Instagram Reels is easy to configure. And it can be done before or after recording a clip. Simply tap the Speed button (1x) and select the desired speed. While .3x and .5x let you slow down your clip, the 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x allow you to speed it up.

Magic Up Your Reels With Effects And Ad Filters

Instagram Reels can appear otherworldly – with the right effects. Tap the Effects button to add dramatic dimensions to your Reels. With Instagram rolling out new effects every day, you’ll have an array of options to choose from.

Split Your Music Perfectly

Shoddily edited music can turn your Reel on its head, undoing all those hours of painstaking filming, editing, and posting. Clipping your music to feature the best part can reflect a keen attention to detail. So, how do you clip your music? simply tap the Music button to browse songs. Then, after choosing a song, use the slider to select the desired part of the track. And voila, you’ll have a perfectly edited music track!

Absorb Music From Other Instagram Reels

When was the last time you watched an Instagram Reel, only to think, wow, I wish I could use that song! well, good news! with the Original Audio option, you can absorb music from other Reels into your own. Just open the source Reel and tap the Original Audio button located at the top of the video. Then, tap the Use Audio button at the bottom. With this, you’ll be able to start recording with the original audio on the Reels camera. Remember though, that the original audio will always be credited to the original creator. There’s never been a better time for buying and selling online. And with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can make Reels a hassle-free mainstay for your brand. It’s Reel-y that simple!


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