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7 Questions To Ask Before Creating Your Online Store

Ah, the wonders of owning an online store. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on your way to becoming the proud owner of one. Good work! before you go any further though, it’s worth taking a pause and reviewing what you need. There’s no best way to sell online. The rule of thumb when starting a buy and sell website is setting the expectation. If you already run a business, chalk out an online business strategy to tie in your e-commerce efforts. If you’re starting a business from scratch, write a business plan that highlights your go-to-market strategy. Whichever route you take, here are some questions you should ask – and have answered – before jumpstarting your online store.

Table of Contents

What Features Do You Need From Your E-commerce Website Builder?

Are you looking to sell online for free? keen to feature a best-selling products category on your website? when you’re deciding where to sell, make sure your website builder fulfills your basic requirements. We’ve made Windo keeping solopreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses in mind. So whether it’s online payments,  easy shipping, or customizations, you’ll have an array of boutique features to choose from.

What To Sell? Mass-Produced or Customized?

Are your products cookie-cutter everything or tailor-made to fit? whether you answered to the former or the latter, selling online is made easy with Windo. Our customization option lets you accept customization requests and give customers a made-to-order experience. Customized products typically do better online because they’re molded to a fit and are one-of-a-kind. Plus, the competition is easier. Mass-produced products, on the other hand, are prone to competitive pricing and price wars. If you’re still pondering your products, here are some things to do:

  1. Embrace products that speak to you

  2. Make sure your products are easy to promote

  3. Get in on trends (online + offline) early

  4. Look for a gap in the market and have your products address it 

  5. Look for niche consumers with unaddressed needs

Where To Sell? Own Online Shop or Marketplace?

You can’t rival the sights and smells and in-person experience of an online store. Take a perfume business, for example. You can’t sample scents through the screen. Or in the case of a clothing business, try on a shirt. Think of how you can emulate a physical shop experience through your store. Brilliant photos, augmented reality try-ons, and sample products via mail are some things you can consider.

What Are Your Costs?

Let’s talk costs. The heavier your product, the higher your cost of shipping. It’s important to consider how shipping costs will eat into your margin and whether customers would be willing to pay so much extra. It’s a good time to get to the drawing board and reinvent your online product line with lighter, easy-to-ship alternatives. There are other costs too – including the cost of materials, cost of storage, and more that you should account for.

How Do You Ship?

Should you self-ship or dropship? or should you go with a delivery partner? with Windo, you can decide what works for you. Ship your products yourself or trust us to ship them for you. Either way, you can pick a shipping method that fits your needs.

Who Are You Targeting?

Decide who it is that you’re targeting. By keeping a target segment in mind, you can angle your brand story to suit your audience. Run a pilot to see the uptake on your products. There’s nothing better than getting validation for your products before entering the market full throttle.

Are There Any Laws or Regulations To Be Followed?

This is a big one because it can affect your business from a legal standpoint. It’s wise to speak to a legal or financial consultant when starting an online business because there could be permits and licenses, taxes, compliances, laws, shipping restrictions, and trademarks, copyrights and patents that need to be adhered to. By being in the know at the outset, you can avoid hassles later on. On Windo, you can get your business online in under two minutes. And with our swish customizations, you can make it your own. get your Windo, your way.


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