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Become a Successful Businessman Even If You Are A Student With These 5 Ideas

For students, there comes a point when expectations follow expectations. The need to be successful with a great job and a cushy lifestyle is the ultimate dream for most students. And while you can choose to wait until you graduate to get your bank balance on track, choosing a side hustle right now can make a great financial cushion. The great news is that setting up a free online store nowadays is as easy as pie – if you use the right online store creator, that is. Here are five ideas to help you get started today.

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Resell Textbooks

Turn your free online store into a second hand book shop. Many college students are unaware of the benefits of reselling textbooks. But breaking news: Textbooks are one of the most expensive items on a college student’s roster. Buy old books from seniors and resell them at a margin to juniors. It’s brilliant for the environment and your bank account!

Grow And Sell Your Own Organic Fruits And Vegetables

Cultivate a fruit and vegetable garden and set up a free E-commerce website to sell your products. It involves zero investment, bar the cost of cultivation of course. What’s more, you can market your product as an organic range and garner a health-conscious clientele who won’t mind the steep pricing.

Make And Sell Your Own Artwork

Artists need to find ways to showcase their artwork to people that are interested in buying it. Enter, spiffy storefronts via online store builders. If you’re the artistic type, use your time after school to create your own art range.

Rent Out Unused Parking Spaces

After an hour of searching for a parking space on the busy streets of New York City, you finally find one! You can’t believe your luck. You quickly park your car and walk the short distance to your destination. Ah, the story of your life, eh? But what if there were a way to track unused spots and let people know about them? Renting out unused parking spaces (after paying their owners a fee, of course), is a great way to make money. Start small by working your way around your neighborhood and tapping unused spots.

Do Other People’s Laundry And Charge Them For It

Doing other people’s laundry and charging them for it sounds like a novel idea. It’s certainly something you’ve never heard of before. And perhaps that’s the brilliance of it. There’s no one offering a service like this. Let’s face it: nobody loves doing laundry, and by rolling out a service and even creating individual packages, you can tap into a beefy market.

Set up a free online store on WINDO today to get started with a side hustle. Our online store builder has cool storefronts and customizations, so you can give your customers an unrivaled shopping experience.


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