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Easy Things to Make and Sell Online

The rise of online business has been phenomenal in the last few years. It is quite evident from the number of independent accounts on Instagram that sell customized items, gift boxes, stationery, etc. And the best part is that people love buying handmade products, especially related to craft.

Here’s a little stat. The United States generates over $44 billion in craft sales each year. So, doesn’t the market seem rife to encash on this incredible popularity of crafty item sales?

All you need to do is start working on any craft you are best at and focus on the quality. Plus, you need to plan things wisely. A marketable target demographic and product niche with high demand can be your mainstay for the new business idea. And, easy things to make and sell online will also need you to research your target audience well.

Making your items gives you total control over brand promotion. When it comes to value and cost, you are the ultimate decision-maker.

Even if you are not a person who enjoys DIY crafts, don’t worry. You can even white-label your handcrafted goods; you sell them with your brand name. And here, we have some suggestions for you and segregated them into categories for your convenience.

Let’s begin!

Stationery Products

Personalized Stickers

You can create customized stickers for mobiles, laptops, doors, bumpers, bands, and other items as they are easy things to make and sell online. Bespoke stickers, particularly die-cut and kiss-cut stickers, are growing in popularity. And since everyone loves them, they are everywhere. There were 94,000 searches on Google and 130,054 on Amazon.


We use bookmarks; little items, to mark pages of our books so that we can return them. They are among the easy things to make and sell online and are popular as well. Bookmarks aggregate 101,000 searches on Google and 20,961 on Amazon. So this is a market that you should explore and research.


Among the things that are easy to sell online are notebooks. A majority of people use notebooks, even in the era of digital note-taking. So, there is a sizable market for selling handmade notebooks even though there are only 70 searches for handmade notebooks on Google and 68 on Amazon.

Pencil Cups

Pencil cup is an easy product to make and sell and is popular as well, especially if you customize them. Google has 1,500 searches per month, compared to 5,121 on Amazon.

Apparel Products

Tote Bag

Large handbags called tote bags are a particular style. Women are the main target audience for such bags. The market is sizeable as well. To be precise, 67,225 monthly searches on Amazon and 22,000 on Google. While it is neither the simplest nor least expensive craft to manufacture, it is quite lucrative.

Boxy Bag

Boxy bags are useful for everything, from lunch and travel essentials to toiletries. Customization works well here. However, although there is a healthy market for lunch and travel bags, there are just 80 and 17 monthly searches for the keyword ‘boxy bag’ on Google and Amazon, respectively.

Customized T-shirts

The bespoke t-shirt printing market is enormously profitable. There are also a lot of niches in this. Quotes, graphics, etc., are all trending categories here. T-shirts receive 38,018 searches per month on Amazon and 23,000 searches on Google.


Among easy things to make and sell online are scarves. Although they sell all year long, scarves are more popular in the winter and fall. You need to focus on a certain segment of a larger audience. Google receives 27,000 monthly searches, while Amazon receives 5,391 searches.

Beauty Products

Lip Balm

If you are looking for things to make and sell from home, lip balm is surely one of them. People use lip balm all throughout the year, making it a great item to target. There are 21,000 searches each month on Google and 39,810 on Amazon.

Face Powder

Everyone uses face powder, even though your target market will be women primarily if you specialize in making base or foundation powder. The popularity of DIY face powder is expanding, with 2,400 people searching on Google monthly, while 5,597 people do so on Amazon.


Hair shampoo is a constant seller. However, you do not need to make every kind of shampoo. A profitable niche to succeed in here is dry shampoo. There are around 80,202 searches for dry shampoo, while liquid shampoo sells slightly more than that.

Body Wash

You'll need to wash and get cleaned up frequently unless you live alone on an island. There are many searches for body wash (98,275 on Amazon and 12,000 on Google). If you make an effort and use the appropriate strategies, ranking for this keyword will also be simple.

Beard Oil

Beards are now again in style and are among the easy things to make and sell online. Sales of beard maintenance and growth products have increased due to the large number of men who have been drawn into the grooming industry. On average, there are around 61,242 searches on Amazon, in addition, 78,000 people search on Google.

Kitchen Products

Cutting Boards

A cutting board is necessary kitchen equipment, so, there is a big market for your product. Google receives 33,000 monthly searches on average, while Amazon receives 51,085.

Personalized Wine Glass

Personalization of wine glasses looks best when The inscriptions on the wine glass are engraved. This particular term has 1,100 searches on Google and 338 searches on Amazon. Before deciding, people would look for a wine glass over a customized or engraved glass.


Aprons have always been useful, now and before. Customized aprons are very easy to make, and you can either use digital printing or even hand-stitching into classy embroidery. They receive around 42,000 Google searches per month and 33,385 Amazon searches per month.

Salt & Pepper Shaker

Make it from scratch or paint already-made shakers to make them shine; the latter is easier. There is a healthy market for this easy product to make and sell. There are 12,000 monthly searches on Google and 38,738 on Amazon.

Liquid Dish Washer

Liquid dishwasher might seem difficult, but it isn’t very tricky if you know how. The customizing dishwasher can with a specific fragrance or flavor to woo your audience. On average, there are around 1,354 searches on Amazon for liquid dish soap.

Now, even if it isn't very high up there, you should still consider this among the easy things to make and sell online.

Home Decor Products

Paintings & Pixel Arts

Pixels art is extremely popular. The number of pixel art searches on Amazon each month is ridiculously high, at more than 70k more each month. That indicates a really strong purchase intent. Pairing with over 1k keyword searches on Google makes pixel art one of the best things to make and sell online.

Make a few unique paintings and use print-on-demand as a convenient means of selling them. As a cross-selling technique, you can also sell frames through dropshipping. You can also sell them as Merch on eCommerce and social media platforms.

Wall Clocks

Clocks are both useful as well as part of the indoor aesthetic. So, considering how much they can elevate the beauty of a room, you have a great opportunity of customizing the same. It is surely worth a try. Google receives 44,000 monthly searches, while Amazon receives 26,768.

Seashell Mirror

Mirrors for bathrooms are trending a lot of modern and contemporary houses are opting for them. To put things in perspective, there are around 25k searches every month for a variety of styles in bathroom mirrors. So why not customize and sell seashell mirrors?

Pillow Cover

Although there are 36,432 and 2,200 pillow cover searches on Amazon and Google, the secret to selling pillow covers is to target a certain market. For example, knowing how to customize a kid’s pillow compared to an adult's.

Mason Jar Vase

One option here is to design exciting furniture for a home, including vases. One very useful tip here is to design classy and rustic mason jar vases since they sell more compared to modern ones. You should also consider using social media platforms to promote and sell the same too.

Wood Print

Using paintings to decorate the house is a great way to enhance the aesthetics. If you are great at painting, you can make portraits on wooden canvas or design frames to add wedding or anniversary photographs. Either way, you will be best off if you offer customization to it and shape your marketing strategy as a great gifting solution.

On average, there are around 1,100 searches on Google and 428 on Amazon.

Jewelry Products


Given the fact that formal attire doesn’t need a lot of jewelry, you’d be better off making custom items for formal wear. Wearing cufflinks has always been in style for men, but now, ladies are also catching up with this style as well. Google searches for "how to wear cufflinks" had 44k results, and 10k people have searched for the item on Amazon.

Buddha Bracelet

Buddha wristbands are increasingly used for purposes other than prayer, which was the original purpose. They have evolved into selling trendy jewelry for men (and some ladies too). They look great and are quite basic as well, much to the liking of a lot of people.

Buddha bracelets are quite trendy and have around 1,600 hit Google, along with 1,015 searches done on Amazon.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a terrific alternative to tricky crochets and knots. They are much more affordable than gold chains, so many choose to buy them. You can sell it separately or pair it with a Buddha bracelet.

Although sales are often greater during the summer or during festive occasions, they are purchased year-round. Currently, there are 23,700 searches every month on Google.

Beaded Tassel Necklace

Nowadays, tassels aren't only for curtains; some people love how they look on scarves, necklaces, and earrings. So, despite not being high on searches for friendship bracelets, the search volume of 5,391 on Amazon and 400 on Google is sufficient.

Steampunk Earrings

Steampunk Earrings receive around 700 Google searches per month and 304 Amazon searches per month. So, knowing how to make them can help you start your business or add a new product to your portfolio.

Hair Products & Accessories

Lace Front Wigs

Wigs are not new, but their popularity seems to have grown lately. However, the demand for different styles of wigs is higher than the simples ones. Amazon receives 638 monthly searches, while Google receives 250 queries.


Sales of Fascinators usually increase when a significant British event occurs, although they are very popular year-round. Google has around 20,000 searches per month, while Amazon sees 5,601.

Hair Barrette

Since the word ‘barrette’, is not very known, you might not see its popularity in terms of numbers. However, switch the synonym to hair bows, and the numbers go up significantly. So why not get your hands on this, as it is an easy product to make and sell?

Lace Headband

Lace headbands are one option you might want to consider as easy things to make and sell online. With around 800 hits on Amazon and 600 on Google, the search volume is not as high as you might want, but it all depends on the type and style you can make. The numbers will go high as you increase the quality and appeal.

Crochet Headband

Crochet headbands could be one of the easy things to make and sell online. However, you need to make them very creative and eye-catchy to stand out as the competition for this is high.

Other Products

Curated Gift Boxes

Starting a gift or subscription box company is a great option for people who are less creative but have a knack for curating. Such gifting enterprises can be quite the eye-catcher, unlike print-on-demand t-shirt businesses. Although the process of assembly may seem hard, there are benefits to the business. Subscription boxes are often packed all at once, at the same time each month, and in the same size box, which simplifies the process.

Traditional Handicraft

Traditional crafts with active markets include pottery, leather tooling, wood carving, embroidery, and wood embroidery. Custom and one-of-a-kind products, and artist workmanship are becoming more popular due to the massive shift in the choices from mainstream mass production to traditional.

You can access your inner creator and master these talents through online tutorials, nearby workshops, and trial and error. Many of the people dealing with these easy things to make and sell online have become perfect over time.

Digital Products

There are no indicators that the digitalization of commodities will slow down. Although it takes some initial work, making and selling digital goods, like font licenses, wedding invitation templates, webinars, or Photoshop actions, is largely easy once you get going. There are no usual physical product pain points (stocking, delivery), and the overhead expenses are extremely cheap.

Summing Up

After reading this list, we hope you might already have thought of some items to manufacture and sell!

However, you must first learn the fundamentals of running an online store before starting a new website. This will prepare you for some obstacles and chances that can come along. For example, making crafts is one thing, but selling goods online is quite another.


1. What is the easiest item to sell?

There are a lot of items that are easy to sell online. However, most of the suggestions that you find online require skills. For example, you can be great at painting or art. So, try and work your way into selling custom-painted shoes or t-shirts. So, depending on your skills, there are many things to make and sell online.

2. What is the cheapest thing to make and sell?

Some of the cheapest things to make and sell online are handmade. For example, you can sell custom jewelry made of resin or printed t-shirts with quotes or graphics.

3. What homemade item sells the most?

There are a few things that are easy to sell online and also sell a lot. This includes customized t-shirts, painted coffee mugs, and custom jewelry. However, you need to know how to sell things well to sell almost anything online.

4. Which item is in high demand?

Some high-demand things to make and sell from home are stationery, customized t-shirts, shoes, resin jewelry, apron, glass bottles, etc.

5. What is the most sold product ever?

It depends on the categories. Multiple things are easy to sell online and are in huge demand. For example, you could try t-shirt printing with photos and quotes and customize coffee mugs, wine glasses, and resin-made pendants.


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