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What is the Best Place to Sell Art Online? Comparing Marketplaces, Social Media & Your Own Website

With the rising competition in the eCommerce space, it is challenging to sell your art or other products online. Today, every business owner makes sure their products are being sold online on the right social media platforms, website, or marketplaces.

But finding the best place to sell art online isn’t easy though. There are several places to sell your art and products effectively along with marketing the space. The Internet has provided immense resources for businesses to leverage, choose the right platform, and make your business profitable.

eCommerce and other social media platforms are a great opportunity for artists to reach a global audience and establish themselves as emerging artists; however, choosing the right platform is tricky, considering the availability of several platforms.

In this article, we will discuss where to sell art online effectively. Read this ultimate guide to explore the best platforms, establish your business, and start selling your best art to your target market.

7 best Websites to Sell Art

We have compiled a list of 7 best platforms where you can sell your art online seamlessly. We have done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is to read this list, choose the platform that best suits your needs, and get started as early as possible.

1. Windo

Windo is the best place to sell art online. It is an emerging eCommerce platform, specially designed for entrepreneurs, small business, and solopreneurs. Windo is a seamless platform with zero complexities and learning curve. You can easily sign up on the platform and design a beautiful online store within minutes.

The best part about Windo is its customizable themes. These themes allow you to personalize your online store and design it according to your customers’ preferences and brand personality. Besides, it allows you to reach a global audience. Its shipping and payment integration makes the entire process smooth and removes all the chaos.

Moreover, if you have budget constraints and want to start your online business without spending a huge amount, Windo is the best place to sell your art prints. Its basic plan starts from $0 and the other plan starts from $19, which is pretty reasonable than established platforms like Shopify and WordPress.

2. Shopify

Shopify is amongst the most popular websites to sell art. This platform has successfully established itself as a market leader. From small artists to established artists, everyone can leverage Shopify.

This eCommerce website is easy to use and has hundreds of customized templates to create an attractive and effective online store. It has various advanced features: storage, bandwidth, POS system, discounts, personalized themes, seamless shipping, and more. Like Windo, you may not require any coding knowledge or prior expertise to use Shopify.

However, some of its advanced features are difficult to use and complex to understand. You may either need to learn their functionality or hire a professional who has experience in Shopify.

While Shopify is one of the best platforms to sell art online, it is comparatively expensive. It is more ideal for established business and entrepreneurs. And if you are running a small business or are an emerging artist, you can leverage Shopify if you have the budget for the same.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace is specially designed for artists and musicians. It is a great platform to showcase your artistry side and sell your best art online. It is a simple and easy-to-use eCommerce platform. Like every other eCommerce website, Squarespace offers several themes and templates that can be easily customized.

If you want to start your business and give it a brand identity, you can easily do it through Squarespace. It also supports custom orders and has excellent design tools. You can even add links to your brand’s social media handle on your Squarespace website and enhance your brand awareness.

Squarespace’s plan goes up to $65 per month.

Why it is best for artists — It is an user-friendly and affordable eCommerce platform and has great page loading speed. Thus, it becomes easier for your target market to load the photographs or the art images easily. And the faster the page load speed, the better. Because it pushes your audience to

4. Square

Square makes to the list of best place to sell art online. It is specially designed for the ones who wants to use a simple and affordable eCommerce platform. And guess what? Square meets these demands.

It is best suited for artists who are just beginning and have low sales. Because Square can only handle low volume sales.

You can also leverage its other features like social media integration and inventory & orders; however, this eCommerce platform offers limited customization. It can restrict your from building a perfectly personalized eCommerce business.

Thus, it may not be ideal for artists with great sales volume and customers. If you want to begin selling your art and understand how eCommerce platforms and online selling work, you can probably switch to Square for the same.

It has a free plan which makes it one of the most affordable eCommerce platforms. However, if you want to leverage better features, you can switch to its paid plan that ranges from $16 to $79 per month.

Compare the features and choose the plan as per your business needs.

5. Etsy

Even after exploring the above websites if you still wonder where to sell art online, you can choose to explore Etsy.

It is a large online marketplace that caters to a global audience. The best part about this marketplace is that it mainly focuses on handmade and vintage products. It means you can keep the uniqueness of your art alive.

Customers on Etsy are often trying to find unique and original art created by artists. It's a great platform showcase your talent at a global level and start selling online.

However, since it's a marketplace like Amazon, here's a disadvantage — There will be high competition. So it may be challenging to attract your potential audience.

Thus, to attract your ideal customers and push them to buy your product can be done through different marketing strategies like social media marketing, paid advertisement, and SEO. This way you will be able to drive more traffic to your product(s) and leave a long-lasting impression on your customers.

6. Saatchi Art

There is no platform better than that one that is designed only for artists. And one of them is Saatchi Art.

Saatchi Art is an online art gallery that represents artists across 100+ countries. It doesn't not have any complex process for signing up. You can simply register yourself as a an artist on the platform for free.

It offers multiple services like social media, online and offline advertising, PR support, and more. Saatchi Art has also introduced its newsletter where it talks about tips for improving your sales, tips for blogs, and more.

The only downfall is that this platform charges 35% commission on your sales that are done through their website. If you think you can afford this percentage of commission, you can try Saatchi Art; however, if you think you cannot afford to pay this much commission, stick to other eCommerce platforms.

7. Instagram

Social media has become a necessity today. And if you are a photographer or an artist wanting to sell their art online, Instagram is the best social media platform to do the same.

It allows you to post visually appealing images that can help customers decide if they want to purchase it or not. Instagram is the perfect social media platform to sell your art. Because it gives you the opportunity to build a trusted community and enhance your brand awareness.

You can create a content strategy to reach a wider audience and build your credibility. For example, you can create a story for every art you create and make it more relevant to your audience. Stories are a great way to attract the audience because they feel more connected with your product.

If the audience easily connects to your art, you know you have won their trust already.

Besides organic marketing, you can also run ads on Instagram to reach the audience you were not able to target through organic marketing.

Make sure your art photos are of a higher resolution. The clearer the picture, the better.

Final Thoughts

Customer needs and demands changes every day. And it is the same for art as well. People want to see original and unique art every day. Because uniqueness is the way to build your credibility and establish yourself as a great artist amongst the others.

It may be difficult to find the best place to sell art online with so many options available. Because it's no more about just showing your work. People are more interested in knowing the back story of your journey and every art you create. They are more interested in knowing about the story behind a particular art.

Thus, it is important to find customers who understand your journey better and connect to it.

The first towards achieving this is leveraging an online platforms and finding the best place to sell art prints. In this guide, we have covered 7 best places where you can sell your art online seamlessly.

One of the best platforms to get started is Windo. It is easy to use and is affordable. You get access to customizable themes that you can leverage to design a personalized store and give it a professional yet artistry look.

Whereas marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon are crowded with millions of sellers. So, it will be challenging to make a unique space for your product and overall brand. Because people are not competing for quality but the price. On these marketplaces - The lower the price, the better.

Thus, leveraging platforms like Windo that allows social media integration is better. But before you make a decision, make sure you go through the list, compare the features, look at the pricing, and then make an informed decision as per your needs.


1. What is a good website to sell your art?

There are plenty of options available on the internet to sell your art online. Some of these platforms are Windo, Shopify, Squarwspace, Saatchi Art, and Instagram. These platforms offer different features. So, you can compare the same and make a decision accordingly.

2. Where can I sell my paintings online for free?

As a beginner, artists may find it difficult to find platforms where they can sell their platforms for free. If you are one of them, you can use platforms like Windo, Instagram, and Square to start selling your painting online for free and build a successful online business.

3. How can I sell my paintings online easily?

With intense competition, it may be difficult to stand out in the crowd; however, you can simply create an online store or a website dedicated to your art and start selling your painting easily. For example, you can design an online store on platforms like Windo, Shopify, or Squarespace and start selling your paintings online.

These platforms offer several advanced features, making the online process easier and more seamless for you. Make sure you compare their pricing and features before making the final choice.

4. Where can I sell my art for a lot of money?

The eCommerce platforms may be a bit confusing because not all the platforms allow you to sell products after you have achieved a particular volume of sales. Therefore, you can switch to platforms like Windo, Shopify, or Instagram if you want to sell unlimited products and earn a good amount of money online.

5. How can I sell my art without getting scammed?

There are thousands of platforms available to sell your art online. But you can easily get lost in the crowd and end up picking up the wrong platform. Thus, make sure you choose trusted platforms like Windo, Shopify, or Squarespace to begin your journey as an artist and sell your art easily.


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