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Hobby To Hustle: 7 Ways To Turn Passion To Profit On Your Instagram Store

Instagram may once have been a photo reel of perfectly curated plates and exotic holidays, but in recent years, it has become a profit-making playground – and one of the best places to sell online – for sellers big and small. After all, with customers scrolling through content on the go – at breakfast, in the cab, just before bed – Instagram is creeping its way into our collective (mobile) consciousness one post at a time. With over one billion active monthly users and 700 million daily users, of whom 72% have purchased a product on their Instagram feed at some point, Instagram makes a compelling case for buying and selling online, making it one of the best platforms to sell online. The catch? instagram’s algorithm, which only shows 30% of posts from people you follow. This is based on a formula that prioritizes posts considered most valued. And while you can’t tweak that formula, you can get around it. Here’s your holy grail to upping your likes and comments, growing your interactions, becoming the best buy in the market, and turning your Instagram passion project into a full-fledged Instagram business.

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Make Novel Content

On a platform that brims with content, the only way to cut through the clutter is to make your posts deeply visual and engaging. You don’t have to become a professional photojournalist to get the eyeballs. Select high-resolution images with an element of novelty. Free image editing apps can be a great stand-in for photoshop and lend your images a golden sheen.

Post Regularly

It’s one thing to create an Instagram business account, and another to keep it going. Being consistent with posting can instil trust in your audience and be a great springboard for your business. If you’re worried about finding the time to post daily, schedule your posts in advance. Platforms like Hootsuite offer free tools that let you schedule posts ahead of time, all in one go. By getting in on what time of day you get maximum traction, you can schedule your posts to get maximum views.

Go Big With Instagram Reels and Stories

It’s true, many Instagram sellers have catapulted themselves into the big league with Reels and Stories. And while the occasional image or static post can still hold its own in the vast sea of online content, Reels and Stories are guaranteed ways to bring your brand to life. And hey, if you’re worried about putting in all that effort only to have your Story disappear in 24 hours, go ahead and arrange your stories into highlights to always keep them on your profile.

Observe Your Analytics

Even if you’re not a big number cruncher, it’s important to pay attention to how well your posts are doing when you’re selling online. To check the performance and reach of a specific post, tap ‘view insights’. By keeping track of your audience behaviour, you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t. Keeping your customers close is truly the best way to sell online.

Do Promotions And Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? not nearly nobody, that’s who! it doesn’t matter whether you give away a free product, a free service, run a storewide discount, or offer money off. Offering freebies to your followers is a surefire way to amp up the engagement and make your products the best buy. With over 40% of Instagrammers saying they’d hit the follow button just to get a freebie, the proof is in the pudding perks.

Don’t Buy Followers

It’s easy to rake in a few thousand followers if you put in the moolah. But you’ll probably end up hurting your brand. Instagram businesses are built on authentic relationships and word-of-mouth. Genuine followers are likely following you because they are interested in your brand and plan to make a purchase. Bought followers, on the other hand, are merely numbers and aren’t likely to last. Building a faithful following takes time, but it’s worth every effort.

Get An E-commerce Website

Instagram is great for showcasing your products but it isn’t ideal for making an actual sale. If you’re still thinking of selling on amazon or DM’ing customers when they should be halfway to checkout, consider pairing your Instagram business with a Windo storefront. With novel customizations, shipping support, and easy online payments, Windo can help you sell online for free.

Taking your Instagram business from a hobby to a hustle takes grit, resilience, and a whole lot of resolve. If you’re on your way to making the switch, make sure your e-commerce business is earning you more than you make from your primary income. When your passion and profit are at par, you’ll have a safe place to land at the end of each day.


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