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How Instagram Can Take Your Online Shop To The Next Level

Instagram is an incredibly valuable social media tool for anyone looking to get more out of their business. And since it can take a lot of time and money to effectively market your brand online, creating a model Instagram shop as a visual platform will not only cut down on expenses but also allow you to focus on creating better products and services for your customers. Here are some golden ways in which Instagram can help you step up your business.

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Set Up An Instagram Business Account

Whether or not you’ve already used an online store creator to set up a paid or free E-commerce website, it’s a good idea to create an Instagram business account. You need a business account to upload new content and connect with other users on Instagram. Business accounts also offer extra features including detailed analytics on individual posts, hashtags, and users.

Use High-Resolution Photos

Using high-resolution photos can showcase your company in the best light literally. When customers see the sheen on your images, it’ll hold a mirror to your product line and quality. If you’re not great behind the camera, it’s worth calling in a professional to have your photos taken.

Optimize Instagram Stories

People love seeing the behind-the-scenes, and you could take them backstage on Instagram stories to show them how your products are brought to life. That, and all the other in-betweens. Remember to include hashtags too. These can help you get found and noticed.

Engage With Instagram Followers

It can be tricky to engage with your Instagram shop followers without coming off as too sales-y. Sometimes, they may feel like you’re only trying to sell them something. It’s important to be creative and find new ways to show your brand personality and build a connection with your followers. Host Instagram shopping giveaways and contests, reply to comments, and answer DMs. When followers know you’re invested, they’re more likely to stay loyal to your brand.

Use The Right Hashtags

As soon as you’ve uploaded a photo, make sure to add some relevant hashtags. This is important for brands looking to get on the radar of their target audience, but it’s also useful for all users looking to increase engagement on their photos. Hashtags are keywords that people use to categorize posts. When someone searches for a hashtag on Instagram, they’ll see posts with that same tag.

If you’re looking for an online store creator to bring your free online store to life, give Windo a go. It has everything you need to take your business digital.


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