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How To Build An E-commerce Website In 2 Minutes or Less

Taking your business online can involve many considerations. Should you sell on Amazon? is it worth going solo with your own buy and sell website? what are the best places to sell online? decisions, decisions. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be so hard. With a self-starter website builder like Windo, you can go from sign-in to sales in less than two minutes. You get a readymade, customizable website where you can sell online for free. No developer costs, no midnight burnouts, no stress. Just set up and sell. Ta-da!

With Windo, here’s how you can take your business online in 2 minutes.

Table of Contents

Download The App

Install the Windo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Complete Your Profile

Add shipping and payment details and choose a theme and color from our swish bouquet of customizations.

Create Your Storefront

Sync your Instagram account, import images, and automatically add them to your storefront (you can upload product images manually too!). Update prices and inventory.

Promote Your Shop

Share your shop URL far and wide, with friends, family, and followers. Put it in your Instagram bio and on other social media platforms to move customers seamlessly from social media to sales.

Make a Sale

Boom! with lots of promotion, come lots of orders. Get your sales fulfilled to hear that ka-ching!

Customize Your Orders

With Windo, you can choose to customize your orders by enabling the customization option. Take on extra customizations before accepting any order and charge an additional customization fee.

Accept Your Orders

Go ahead and accept orders on finalizing the product details and customizations.

Chat With Customers

Open an in-app chat with customers anywhere, anytime.

Choose a Shipping Method

The hardest part of buying and selling online? the shipping. But no longer do you have to fret over coordinating with the shipping agency. With the Windo app, you can ship part or all of your order; you can self-ship, or ship via Windo (in select geographies only).

Ship Your Orders

Ship your order and track it through to delivery.

Windo is the best way to sell online for solopreneurs and small and mid-sized sellers. Because you can sell online for free, you can cut setup costs, maximize promotions and get shipping and payment support right at the outset. Who said small businesses can’t join the big league?


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