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How to Differentiate Your Online Store From Competition

Millions of Instagram shops and (paid or free) online stores are struggling to get noticed by potential customers. Discover how to build an excellent Instagram shop or ecommerce store that can stand out from all the noise on the internet. As our society gets more and more plugged in to the internet, many people are discovering the value of selling products online. In fact, a large number of businesses were launched as online stores just within the last two years. If you’re finding it challenging to cut your Instagram shop or online store through the clutter, here are some easy ways to sell on Instagram or elsewhere, and set your store apart.

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Utilize Strong Branding

Utilizing strong branding is important for any business, as it can help customers identify your company and its products. This applies especially to online stores, as people can’t feel the merchandise or interact with the company. Use captivating imagery, designs, and labels for your storefront to improve brand recognition.

Provide Free and Fast Shipping

Provide free and fast shipping on all orders to ensure that your customers receive their products as soon as possible. When you send orders out to different customers, be sure to inform them that they should expect their products in a timely manner. This will let them know that you value the time they spend shopping on your site.

Personalize The Shopping Experience

Now more than ever, shoppers are looking for a personalized experience when they buy something. They want to feel like the item they’re buying is meant just for them, and retailers are taking notice. Many stores are now offering ways for shoppers to personalize their purchases, from adding their initials to items to choosing the color and style of clothing.

Create a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a marketing strategy used by businesses to reward customers for their loyalty. Typically, customers earn points for each purchase, which can then be redeemed for discounts or other rewards. Each store’s loyalty program is designed differently, but the reward and redemption options are usually the same.

Put Care Into Your Packaging

If you’re going to put care into your product, you should also put care into how it’s packaged. Make sure that your packaging is sturdy and protects the product inside. A sturdy box is a must for any product you’re selling, especially because this is the only tangible part of your offering (aside from the product itself, of course). If customers like the way your package looks and feels, they’re likely to come back again. With a good (and free) online store builder, you can set your store apart right at the outset. Trust windo to bring your free online store to life. With our easy navigation and superlative shipping and payment tools, you can give your customers a shopping experience like no other.


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