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How To Get Your First 100 Customers By Yourself In 5 Easy Steps

Despite free marketing platforms, free online store builders, and free promotional tools, A common complaint from people trying to build their business is “I’m working so hard, but I just don’t see any results”. Even if you’ve used the best online store creator and gone all out, there’s a good chance you’re not employing the right strategy with your Instagram shop or ecommerce website. Here are 5 practical steps you can take to get your first 100 customers by yourself. And while they won’t be all easy, they’re definitely worth it.

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Start Free, Then Go Paid

In the past, it was enough to have a solid product and a great storefront or Instagram shop. Now, you need to have a thriving product, or else no one will notice. Offer free samples or services to acquaint customers with your brand before going full throttle. This will also help you get some feedback on your product to make sure it’s marketable and usable.

Partner With Established Brands

Form a partnership with established brands to leverage their customer base. This strategy is good if you have products that are new on the market or still under development. Not only is this beneficial for you, but also for said brands because it gives them a fresh, new audience to work with.

Use The Power of Referrals

Get customers from your Instagram shop or ecommerce website to refer your product or service to friends – and when they do, give them a small reward. There’s no marketing medium more valuable than the power of word of mouth.

Treat Your Existing Customers Like Royalty

“Treat your existing customers like royalty and they will continue to shop with you” is a mantra worth repeating to yourself. Consider your customers your best form of advertising and marketing, if they are happy with your service, then they will tell their friends about it.

Tap The Power of Social Media

It’s much easier to sell products or services online than through traditional channels. The main differentiator? social media. Social media offers immediate access to millions of potential customers. Post photos, videos, links, and other info on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and other social media sites to reach as many people as possible.

Before setting out to get your first few customers, make sure that your shop gives a good first impression. With Windo’s online store builder, you can create a free online store with a stylish storefront, easy inventory management, and built-in shipping and payment tools. 


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