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How to Source Products (15 Websites & Apps) in 2023

All ecommerce businesses want to become successful. But most business owners often lack the skills to find an efficient way to source their products and achieve their goals. Before choosing the products to source, business owners have to find the best sourcing websites and sourcing methods that suit their needs, review different sourcing companies, and choose the best supplier to worth with.

If you think there is lots of hard work, don’t panic, as many options are worth considering. Below is the helpful product sourcing guide where you will learn everything to kick-start your ecommerce business. From popular product sourcing strategies and tips on how to source a product to top product sourcing apps and websites, everything has been covered below.

About Product Sourcing!

Before moving ahead and delving into strategies and methods, let us know what is product sourcing. It is the act of acquiring products from suppliers that you can sell online. The process involves buying products from a supplier and reselling them. The most common method for product sourcing is finding the producer of custom products, buying the 3rd party products from a wholesaler, and partnering with the drop-shipper.

Most modern businesses source their products virtually from the B2B marketplaces. However, one can also source the products from trade shows and locally. Most of the product-sourcing websites shared below use dropshipping fulfillment methods. It means managing and holding inventory and shipping the orders, but it depends on the supplier you want to partner with. It helps reduce the logistic burdens while allowing you to focus more on promoting your brand, running successful campaigns, and offering customer support.

How to Source Products for Online Businesses?

The most common strategies for product sourcing used by businesses these days are:

● Dropshipping Suppliers for practical experiences

● Wholesalers to sell the 3rd party products

● Manufacturers for producing the custom products

Once you are done with what is ecommerce sourcing, you have to learn about the strategies for product sourcing that suit your business needs and goals. Each strategy shared here will virtually affect the aspects of your business ops and sales endeavors. So, it is important to choose the best strategy.

Dropshipping Sources

Dropshipping is the most common and easiest way for product sourcing. The amazing thing about the process is that it is not only the strategy to source products to sell online but also the most effective fulfillment method. So, how to source products to sell online via Dropshipping sources?

You must partner with dropshipping sources and choose the products to sell online. Now you have to add these procured products to your ecommerce website and start marketing and selling them online. When you receive orders from consumers, the dropshipping sources receive notification and pack and send the items to customers on your behalf.

The plus point of dropshipping is that business owners don’t have to pay upfront for inventory. It means one can start an ecommerce business with a small investment. It allows business owners to test multiple products without the risk of losing their investment. Besides, it is easy to scale the business as one can keep adding new products without expensive and time-consuming sourcing websites or apps.


The next strategy to source products is a bit advance. Here, business owners must buy bulk products from wholesalers. But, start-ups can't procure products upfront and in bulk. Since starting the business from their home, they need a store or space to procure and store the purchased goods from wholesalers.

As the business grows, you must rent a warehouse and hire a fulfillment team or services to make the inventory and tasks for you. As you know how to source products to sell online, you must know the primary benefits.

The primary benefit of procuring products from wholesalers is that it lets you get each unit at a low cost, so you can buy more units at cheaper rates. The more investment you make upfront, the larger profit margins you earn, referred to as economy of scale.


Manufacturing is the most complex technique to source products for online businesses. So, you must carefully learn how to source a product from a manufacturer to sell it online. The process starts with designing and prototyping and closes with a finished design. Before choosing any supplier, you must review the manufacturer and check the order batches.

The only benefit of the process is that it allows working with the manufacturer so that the products can be customized or enhanced according to market needs. It lets you develop something unique that sets you apart from the competitors. But, this method of sourcing products is very costly and time-consuming. Besides, finding an affordable and reliable supplier is very challenging, especially when sourcing products from overseas.

Choosing the Right Product Sourcing Strategy

After learning how to source products to sell online, you must know about the best-suited strategy for your business.

● Dropshipping Sources – Whether you want to expand your existing business or just started your entrepreneurial voyage, choosing the dropshipping source is the best option. The option will help you hit the ground running while sharpening your business skills before you risk your money to buy inventory upfront.

● Wholesalers – People with good business skills and capital for investment must consider buying products from wholesalers. However, creating a supply chain or working with a fulfillment service is necessary to gain higher profit margins and develop a brand with private labeling options.

● Manufacturers – Any experienced online seller with stellar ideas, abilities to take challenges, and investment capital must consider sourcing their products to sell directly from the manufacturers.

Why Do You Need a Sourcing Website?

Before you start a product sourcing business or wholesale business, the first thing that is required is the sourcing website. These websites play a crucial role in offering products to end users. People also use those websites to buy high-quality and trending products at affordable prices. Therefore, allowing the business owners to generate more profits in the retail marketplaces.

Besides, sourcing websites also help business owners to enjoy multiple benefits. It gives them the chance to order the products in bulk and enjoy the benefits of premium shipping services.

List of 20 Best Product Sourcing Websites & Apps!

Dropshipping Product Sources


DSers is one of the best sourcing websites for dropshipping, as it offers the option to start selling products on ecommerce portals immediately. Business owners need to sign up on the ecommerce website, add the DSers App, and start browsing and adding products to the store.

Virtually there are millions of products available in each niche. But it is innovative to create branded stores by choosing only the complementary products from each niche.


It is another popular product sourcing application for print-in-demand goods. The application connects the users to multiple print-on-demand suppliers worldwide, allowing users to choose the right supplier that is demographically close to the customers for smooth and fast shipping. It has over hundreds of products to choose from. It is considered one of the best product sourcing websites because it comes with a mockup generator that allows you to customize the designs of the products.


It is also a renowned print-on-demand product sourcing application with over 200 product lists available for dropshipping. The application has different customization and printing options, including cut and sew direct-to-garment and embroidery. The product sourcing application even allows the users to customize the tags of products while allowing brand inserts on the packages.


Dripshipper delivers print-on-demand artisan coffee and is one of the best sourcing websites designed for people passionate about coffee. The service helps ship the whole beans to customers on the same day, and they ship roasted and ground coffee. They are located in the US but can dropship anywhere worldwide.

Creative Hub

It is a useful print-on-demand company for art. The service offers comprehensive white label service to allow business owners to sell art under their brand name. The service is used to sell contemporary and modern art from its library, but it will split the profit margins with the art creators. The service is located in the UK, but they are serviceable globally for just seven GBP exclusive VAT.

Lulu Xpress

It is a print-on-demand service for calendars, books, magazines, and comic books. The sourcing method offers multiple customization options and has no charges for setup or handling. Besides, the dropshipping option will ship the products to global customers.

It is worth mentioning that the website is a certified B corporation and sources all the products and materials in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

Manufacturer and Wholesale Product Sourcing Websites


Handshake is the renowned and commonly used wholesale marketplace for Shopify. It is one of the popular sourcing websites with selected and handpicked suppliers from the USA, providing over 150K top-quality and best products in different verticals and niches.

The platform is smooth and easy to navigate, and all the suppliers are pre-approved and pre-vetted. For anyone planning to purchase products in bulk from suppliers in the US, it is the ultimate product-sourcing site to deal with.


For business owners planning to source products wholesale or want a reliable manufacturer, Alibaba is the ultimate choice. Alibaba is the biggest B2B marketplace, featuring renowned and reliable suppliers from over 190 nations, of which the majority are from China.

But, if you use the website for sourcing products, be careful, as there are many scammers on the website. So, to prevent it, a service called “Trade Assurance” was launched that lets users find reliable, top-quality product sources.


IndiaMart is India's biggest B2B marketplace and 2nd largest worldwide, featuring thousands of manufacturers and product lists for wholesale.

Since it is based in India, the product sourcing website comprises most suppliers from India. It has a feature that helps users recognize reliable and worthy suppliers to work with.

Made in China

Made in China is the largest B2B marketplace that connects global users with reliable suppliers in China. The platform is one of the best product sourcing websites offering services to help users to buy reports detailing suppliers’ financial condition, work environment, product capacity, and more.


Spocket is a useful product sourcing application that allows users to add products from multiple dropship supplies in the EU and the USA. The website features a massive range of quality products, branded invoicing, and prompt shipping times.

Because of the wholesale pricing policy, it promises to offer a 30-60 percent discount on the retail prices of all goods, allowing you to avail good profits.


From product inventory to reliability and delivery times, there are multiple aspects to consider when dealing with a supplier. Syncee is the global marketplace of suppliers where one can access the catalog of reliable and worthy worldwide suppliers. Users can smoothly import goods and products for their stores to sell them online. The product list includes watches, baby products, toys, fashion, perfumes, fishing accessories, and more.

My Online Fashion Store

It is the leading dropshipper based in the USA and comprises a huge inventory of stylish dresses and clothing for women. It is one of the popular product sourcing websites where you will find bottoms, tops, shoes, jewelry, and other large items, each with a selling price.

The interesting part about the platform is that it provides free returns and affordable shipping rates. However, it is only serviceable to customers in the US in the money, limiting the market. Some products include tank tops, scarves, handbags, sunglasses, lingerie, belts, and hats.


Shapeways is a popular fulfillment and 3D printing service, allowing users to upload their 3D models and give them a life as a physical product. However, it is a chargeable service, making it one of the most expensive sourcing websites. But the service is very useful when creating unique and high-quality products to sell on-demand or for prompt prototyping. Some 3D printing materials are steel, plastic, aluminum, gold, sandstone, and carbon.


It is the largest supplier network giving access to dropshippers located in the US with prompt and reliable shipping services. It gives you access to trendy items, individual brands, and affordable products to sell on your online store.

The platform comprises many independent brands that fulfill strict requirements and are open to accepting dropshipping partnerships. Some popular products you will find on the platform are formal wear, swimwear, footwear, t-shirts, backpacks, jewelry, electronics, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Source Products to Sell Them Virtually?

Some online sellers can source products for you to sell online on different wholesale sourcing websites. DSers is the leading seller, with millions of demanding products available for sourcing from vetted dropshipping suppliers.

What Do You Mean by Reverse Sourcing?

Reverse sourcing is when you find demanding and trending products on popular ecommerce websites and procure the same products from wholesale suppliers. It means finding the product you are interested in and procuring them from the suppliers.

How Ecommerce Websites Procure Inventory?

Ecommerce websites procure the inventory from external and internal sources. Some stores list handmade products and virtual items, while others feature products designed by different manufacturers. The external inventory is procured from supplies, dropshippers, manufacturers, and vendors.

From Where to Source Dropshipping Products?

Many sourcing websites are offering dropshipping services. These platforms allow merchants to browse the products of vetted supplies. You may contact the suppliers via their application or site and start selling them immediately.

How to Find the Best Sourcing Websites to Procure Products?

If you are planning to source products for your business, you need to make the selection of sourcing websites carefully. Since there are many suppliers and sourcing sites, it is challenging to find a reliable supplier. So, you have to keep certain factors in mind when choosing the best supplier.

You are required to check the experiences, the rate of sourcing the products, shipping quality, and other important things which are important for choosing the right supplier for sourcing products. You may research online, or email some of the suppliers to get their quotes and negotiate with them to grab the best deal.

Final Thought!

Choosing the best-suited product sourcing websites and methods is always smart before you search for any products to sell them online. There are three primary methods to source products: dropshipping sources, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

All budding business owners with minimum skills must avoid taking enormous risks and sharpen their skills with dropshipping. But, if you have some business skills and money to invest, ensure sourcing the products from wholesalers or manufacturers.


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