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How To Write a Killer ‘About us’ Page: Online Store Guide

A strong ‘about us’ page requires a number of star ingredients, a good online store builder, for starters, but also crisp content and meaningful calls to action. If you’re looking to write a stellar ‘about us’ page for your (paid or free) online store, Instagram shop, or other digital properties, this article has you covered.

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Write Facts, Not Fluff

The ‘about us ’ page is often one of the first pages a visitor will see on your website. It’s important to include an accurate and attractive description of your company and any additional links, such as links to social media profiles. Include a brief paragraph about what your site offers and how it can be beneficial to customers.

Inspire Trust

If you’ve decided to sell on Instagram or via your own free online store, it’s your job to build trust among your customers. There are many ways to inspire trust on your ‘about us’ page. Chief among them – is detailed information about your company. Include testimonials from satisfied customers, and post photos that show off the quality of your work.

List Credentials

You are ‘about us’ page is where you should list your credentials. For example, if you’re a financial planner, you might mention that you offer unbiased investment advice with 20 years of experience, or that you passed the chartered financial consultant exam. Listing honest credentials can boost your credibility and augment the trustworthiness of your website.

Express Your Values

A great way to express your values on your ‘about us’ page is by including what’s most important to you and your business. This could be your mission statement, your company culture, or your team ethos.

Offer a Behind-The-Scenes Look

Consider this an opportunity to offer behind-the-scenes insight into your company and give customers an insider view. When you peel back the curtains and invite customers inside, you can spark an intimate conversation that can convert into sales.

If you’re about to don your writing hat and get started with your ‘about us’ page, start by using a good online store builder. With Windo’s online store builder, you can devote an entire section to ‘about us’, so you’ll never run out of space to capture your offerings.


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