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Increase Your Online Sales By 25% With These Simple Marketing Tips

You’ve scoured the internet for the perfect online store creator, got a free online store up and running, and yet, your sales aren’t what you had dreamed up in your head. If you’re looking to boost your website and Instagram shop sales, embracing the right marketing strategies can help attract new clients to your business. Here are 5 marketing tips to show you how to effectively market your product or service, improve your sales, and level up your business.

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Get More Ad Clicks With Ad Extensions

In AdWords, ad extensions can be added to enhance an Ad. These extensions include site links, callouts, and product listing Ads. Ad extensions can be used to provide more information about a product or service. When an ad extension is included, the extension appears below the main text of the Ad.

Keep a Customer Testimonials Section

free online stores are great, but not without a testimonials section! maintain a customer testimonials section on your ecommerce website so your customers can voice their opinions about your business. Not only does this help potential customers decide if they want to buy from you, but it also gives your existing customers a chance to share their opinion with other customers.

Streamline The Checkout Process

Many customers find the checkout process too cumbersome and often avoid buying items online as a result. Streamlining the checkout process could make it easier for customers to purchase items from your website. Voucher codes are another great option to consider to minimize abandoned carts and keep customers all the way to checkout.

Introduce a Variety of Payment Options

Most good online store builders have an array of payment options built-in. So it stands to reason that whichever online store builder you choose, make sure that popular methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and cash are on the table. With an online store creator like Windo, you can select payment options that suit your business best. 

Display Top-Quality Product Images

Website storefronts and Instagram shops are nothing without spiffy images to boot. Product photos are a key element in getting a viewer to want to purchase an item. A customer is more likely to buy a product that is featured with large, high-quality images instead of a product with blurry, low-quality ones. The best practice is to use multiple angles of a product and to include at least one front and back angle. If you’re seeking out a powerful sales strategy, start with these tips to bolster your business. With these easy steps, you’ll see that a little goes a long way.


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