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Online Selling Made Easy With Windo

If you’ve been wanting to leapfrog your business to the wonderful world wide web, you’ve probably considered a whole bunch of platforms to sell online. There are lots of buy and sell websites to choose from and deciding what’s best for your business can be confusing, especially if your business is tiny and money is tight. That’s the gap Windo is looking to fill. Windo is a technology platform, tailored for small businesses, which allows owners to set up an independent shop in two minutes. And then sell online for free in two more. Just like that. Here’s the lowdown on why Windo is currently trending as the best way to sell online – and why it should be a done deal for your business.

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Easy-Breezy Setup

When you’re setting up a self-hosted website from scratch, there’s a lot to worry about – from coding, design, and server costs to payment gateways and shipping. Windo handles all that and more for you. With customizable themes, immersive displays, easy online payments, and inbuilt shipping options, all you really need to do is get your products ready.

Farewell, Tech Worries

Happy news! with Windo, you need zero technical expertise. Your hosting and software are all managed by Windo, so you don’t have to worry about sudden spikes in traffic or software updates. Plus, Windo’s hosting will offer you the kind of uptime, lightning-fast speeds, and robust security you could never imagine (or possibly afford) on a self-hosted service, woot woot!

Gold-Standard Security + Encryption

What’s the best way to sell online, you ask? with cutting-edge security and encryption, that’s for sure. If you have an online shop, you must have an upstanding security paradigm for keeping sensitive customer information – like credit card details, addresses, and phone numbers – intact. On a platform like Windo, you can rest assured that all your information is 256-bit encrypted, so it always stays safe and secure. 

Mobile Features

Windo stores are made on the mobile, for the mobile. So, you can set up a store and sell from anywhere. With more customers logging in via mobile than via desktop, creating a mobile-optimized, responsive site is no longer negotiable. When your shop inspires novelty across the desktop and mobile, you are guaranteed a good shopping experience.  

Insights on Abandoned Carts

It’s never a good thing when a customer bails on you halfway to checkout. But not all hope is lost when that happens. Research shows that over two-thirds of potential customers abandon their carts. With abandoned cart insights on Windo, you can create email marketing campaigns to recover these customers by nudging them towards their best buy at checkout.

Secure Payment Gateway

There’s nothing worse than worrying about whether your customers’ payments are secure on your website. Windo has partnered with several premium gateways including Stripe, PayPal, Google, and more, to keep your payments safe and your mind at peace. It’s buying and selling online made simple.

From the plethora of platforms to sell online, Windo shines as a small seller’s haven. It’s safe, simple, seamless – and oh-so-easy to use.


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