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The Best Shopify Alternative For Mompreneurs

‘You can’t have the best of both worlds’. or so the saying goes. but when it comes to motherhood, the balancing act is par for the course. and for many mothers, maintaining a small business can make the ideal complement to raising children. the catch? not all businesses are made equal. and having the right storefront can go a long way in giving your business wings. but for that, above all, you need an online store builder that’s affordable, functional, customizable, performance-driven, and quick and easy to set up and navigate. in this article, we tell you why Windo makes a great Shopify alternative (and really any alternative) if you’re a mom on the go.

here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. What windo does and what makes it special

  2. What features windo offers

  3. Windo’s freemium pricing model

  4. How windo can help you balance your kids and your business with equal elan

  5. Windo vs other online website creators (Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Ecwid, Dukaan, Boutir, Bikayi, Bikri)

  6. Optional subscriptions on Windo

Table of Contents

What Windo Does and What Makes It Special

Windo is an online store builder that lets you set up an online shop for free. with our two-minute online store creator, you can bring your business online in a matter of minutes.

What Features Windo Offers

Spiffy storefronts • product customization options • pretty themes • Instagram sync • quick online payments • easy shipping • marketing banner toolkit • discount coupon toolkit • premium features • custom domain options

Windo’s freemium pricing model

Windo’s sprout plan is a free forever plan, meaning you can maintain a free online store without worrying about surprise payments and hidden charges. our blossom and garden plans unlock a world of extra features, but it’s totally up to you whether you want to scale up your shop with a subscription. if you find that the sprout plan works for you, that’s okay too.

How Windo Can Help You Balance Your Kids And Your Business With Equal Elan

We’re made for busy entrepreneurs with no time. so much so, that you can go from setup to sales in less than two minutes – perfect for when you’re at your kids’ bus stop or readying up a last-minute dinner. you’ll find everything you need – from storefront themes and product customizations to shipping and online payment options – within the windo app, so you don’t have to download plugins or other apps to add new features.

Windo vs other online website creators (Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Ecwid, Dukaan, Boutir, Bikayi, Bikri):

Optional Subscriptions on Windo

you don’t have to opt for a subscription on windo. if the free plan works for you, great! however, should you choose to add features to your shop, have a look at how you can upgrade with the blossom and garden plans:

blossom plan at [original price] [new price]:

product feature customizations | removal of windo branding | in-depth shop analytics | access to abandoned carts | promotional and marketing banners | unlimited discount coupons | same day payment settlements | about us page | social media links | instagram instant sync | fixed and conditional shipping charges | custom domain | marketing pixels | desktop access | unlimited products | unlimited orders and inquiries | unlimited product variants | automatic inventory management | online payments | https secure website | discounted shipping fee | unlimited themes | priority support | tax and invoice management | discounted payment gateway fee | 0% transaction charge | customized payment settings | new feature settings |


garden plan at [original price] [new price], get all the features of the blossom plan, plus:

  1. early access to upgrades

  2. a dedicated relationship manager

with windo, you can give your shop a professional-looking storefront while letting us handle your backend. it’s zero stress and zero mess, and a better business-baby balance all the way.


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