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The List of Top-Rated and Successful Business Ideas under 1 Lakh

Do you know that Indian small-scale businesses have registered an average growth of 10% in the last year? According to government reports and studies, small-scale businesses in India will have mammoth opportunities and scope in the future. So, many budding entrepreneurs are now looking for business ideas under 1 lakh.

A 9-5 standard job is a great way to earn monthly money, but having your business can be an interesting idea. But, budding entrepreneurs have a misconception that to start a business, they need huge investments. However, there are some businesses that they can start with a small investment of 1Lakh.

So, people with entrepreneurial spirits must not hesitate now to start their businesses with minimal investments. If you are amongst those people and want your business to start with 1 lakh, here is a quick rundown of business ideas that you may start with a minimal investment of 1 lakh.

1. What are the Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh?

Face Mask

After the global pandemic hit India, the urge for face masks increased, and the demand will likely increase. Different face masks are available in the market, including surgical masks, cloth masks, and N95 respirators.

According to surgical and cloth masks experts, manufacturing is a low-investment business that can start with an initial capital of 1 lakh. Surgical masks are designed using non-woven fabrics and two to three layers of plastic components. To start the business, you will require a mask inner loop welding machine and a face mask machine. It is one of the profitable business ideas with 1 lakh investment.

Sanitizer Dispenser Manufacturing Business

Again, post-COVID, people are focused on their sanitization, of which hand sanitization is the most common practice. You will see the need for quality hand sanitizer everywhere in public places or personal homes. So, people asking what business I can start with 1 lakh may either start manufacturing hand sanitizer or producing hand sanitizer dispensers with a small investment of 1 lakh.

Limited raw materials are needed for manufacturing sanitizers, including isopropyl, alcohol, glycerin, and chemicals. You only need to understand the process to start the business deeply. You may also choose to manufacture a sanitizer dispenser by investing in the sanitizer dispenser manufacturing machine and a small space for manufacturing the dispenser. These are the business ideas under 1 lakh that can yield good returns.

Handmade Candles

Handmade candles are the best business idea to start with low capital. Scented, handmade candles are always in demand in India as they are widely used for traditional to religious purposes and decoration. So, one can start the business from their home. They only need perfume, wax, and string to make the candles.

Anyone with zero skills can start a handmade candle-making business with basic tools. Later, they may go for candle-making equipment and machines.

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are widely used in India for different purposes, especially religious activities, and meditation. So, it has a huge market share in India and abroad. It is the best manufacturing business under 1 Lakh.

Incense sticks are easy to produce. Both semi-automatic and automatic machines are available, ranging from Rs. 75000. All you need is a small space at your home where you can manufacture the incense sticks.

Disposable Cups and Plates

Disposable cups and plates are used in any function, picnic, or event. They are affordable and available easily everywhere. Hawkers and street vendors in India use them. It means disposable cups and plate-making business is an evergreen option for budding entrepreneurs who want to start their business with low investment.

Many budding entrepreneurs often ask what business can I start with 1 lakh. So, the ultimate answer to their question is a disposable cup and plate manufacturing business. They only need to invest 60000 INR to start the business and earn immediately.

2. Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Pickle Making at Home

Pickle making business is the first on the list of food business ideas. It is the traditional business that women widely operate at home. It is one of the best business ideas under 1 lakh, and one can choose to make any pickles as it is a commonly used item in India and abroad. You can start the business with a low investment of 25000 INR. You must have skills in preparing the pickles and know the ingredients used in making the pickles.

Snacks and Sweets

Snacks and sweets making business are one of the favorite business ideas with 1 lakh investment. You need to have the skills in making sweets and good knowledge of ingredients and spices used to prepare Indian snacks. You are required to hire a workforce to assist you in making snacks and sweets. One can start the business with a meager investment of 50K to 80K. You must rent a small shop to start a business and sell homemade snacks and sweets.

Tiffin Service

Tiffin services the popular business idea in India. The service is mainly hired by the office goers and paying guests. Many bachelors who shift to another city for work or studies usually opt for Tiffin services, making it the most lucrative business to start with 1 lakh investment.

All you need is a good cook to make tasty and healthy homemade foods and dishes and people to deliver the Tiffin. You can start the business from your home or rent a small shop. You will require a small investment of 40K to start the business from your home.

Food Truck

The food truck is another common business idea with low investment. One can convert an old tempo or truck into a food truck, and you need a very small investment for the business to start with 1 lakh. You must have the skills to cook tasty foods, or you may hire a cook who can prepare the food for your customers.

The business can be started with a small investment. You may first start with fast food and snacks and gradually increase the menu based on customer demands. As your food truck business gets popular, you may increase the number of food trucks and start selling your cuisines at multiple points in your city.

Fruit Juice and Tea Corner

Fruit juice and tea corner is another popular food business to start with low investment. How to earn 1 lakh per month business? You can earn 1 lakh from the business if you have the skills to make healthy fruit juices and tea. You only need to invest 15K to start India's juice and tea kiosk.

You have to choose the right location for your business. Ensure that it is close to schools, offices, and business areas where your tea and juices can be sold easily. It is a smart business idea to start with a low investment.

3. Product Based Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh

Computer Hardware Store

The computer is necessary in today’s digital world, and starting a computer hardware business is a good choice with low investment. Laptops, computer PC, and peripherals are in great demand in the Indian digital market. But, people want to know how to invest 1 lakh and start a computer hardware business.

The business can start right from your home or rent a small shop to start the computer hardware store. You need to market your store and products to capture the attention of IT professionals. You can start the business with a low investment of 1 lakh.

Garment Business

Clothes are longer a basic need of humans. They are transforming into a style statement. Fashion enthusiasts prefer wearing trendy and new designs. So, if you have the skills to design fashionable clothes on a low budget and sell them at a higher price, then the garment business is one of the best business ideas under 1 lakh.

One can start the garment business from their home or rent a small space to start the business. You need a small investment of 50K to start the garment business in India.

Newspaper Agency

Newspaper distribution or newspaper agency is one of the popular business ideas with 1 lakh investment. It is becoming a lucrative business idea because of the higher commission margin. Besides, the commission payout is instant in the newspaper business. All you have to do to start the business is collect the newspaper from the depot in the early morning and distribute them to the readers.

You have to hire people for the newspaper distribution and make good transportation arrangements to complete the newspaper distribution.

Flower Store

Flow boutique or store is a good business idea to start with a low investment in India. Flower bouquets are commonly used in India for gifting and religious ceremonies. Flowers are also used in India during festivals and occasions for decoration. So, it could be a lucrative business to start.

You can sell flowers from home or rent a small space to start a flower store. Procure the flowers from farmers and sell them at a higher profit margin from your store. It is the best business to start with 1 lakh.

4. Service Based Business Ideas under 1 Lakh

Pest Control Business

A pest control business is a common service-based business to start with low investment. The business allows you to take annual contracts from organizations and companies for pest control. It is a low investment business to start with 1 lakh.

You need manpower to handle the services and offer pest control to your clients. It can be started with a small investment of 30K to 50K INR.

Real Estate Brokerage Services

Real estate brokerage service is the low investment business idea that can be started from home. However, you may rent a small shop to handle the business. The role of a real estate broker is to help customers find a suitable property for purchase, and their service also includes buying, selling, and renting property. The earnings are made via commission.

Hobby and Tuition Classes

People asking what can I do with 1 lakh may also start tuition or hobby classes. The business is profitable and can be started from home. You need good teaching skills, a blackboard, and a couple of students to start the business.

However, you need in-depth knowledge about the subjects you are about to teach. There are different hobby classes that you may start, such as music class, dance class, drawing class, and cooking class.

Job Consultancy Business

A good job consultant is in great demand by job seekers. As a job consultant, you must assist job seekers and aspirants in landing high-paying jobs according to the profile. You need to have good contacts and network with employers and organizations seeking experienced and skilled workers.

A job consultant is a good business to start with 1 lakh. Consultants make their earnings from employers and candidates as commission. Very minimal investment is needed to start the business, i.e., 40K to 1 Lakh.

Interior Decorator

The interior decorator is the skilled professional liable for purposefully beautifying and reusing the spaces. So, anyone who has done civil architecture-related courses can become a certified interior decorator.

There is no need for any office to start the business initially. However, you must work harder to find clients and customers to hire your services. But, once the business is established, you will see a huge influx of money from the business.

Insurance Agency

The final low-investment business idea on the list is an insurance agency. It is one of the best business ideas with 1 lakh investment. You must take an insurance agency of reputed insurance companies, sell their insurance products to clients, and earn a commission for each purchase. As you sell the insurance policies, the insurance company will provide you a share as a commission to promote and sell them to their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Business Can I Start with 1 Lakh?

Many business ideas can be started with a low investment of 1 lakh. However, the top business ideas under 1 lakh are homemade candles, pickle making, computer hardware business, real estate brokerage service, and insurance agency. These are some business ideas that one can start with a low investment of 1 lakh.

What can be Done with 1 Lakh?

There are 100% success rate business ideas with 1 Lakh investment, and these businesses can help yield high returns. Some of these are pickle making, incense stick making, pest control services, garment businesses, Tiffin services, and more. These are some business ideas that can be started with low investment. As the business clicks, it will help yield higher returns in the long run.

What Business I Can Start As a Beginner with 1 Lakh?

There are many businesses that a beginner can start with a low investment. Beginner entrepreneurs ask what business I can start with 1 lakh? So they can start many business ideas as a beginner, including drop shipping, candling making, homemade snacks and sweets, tea and juice corner, newspaper agency, and insurance agency. These are some businesses that a beginner can start with an investment of 1 lakh.

How to Grow a New Business?

Growing a new business will take effort, energy, and time. So, how to earn 1 lakh per month business? There are certain things that you have to do before starting a business to see profits right away. You have to do a little research, develop a sales funnel, increase retention, participate in networking events, perform corporate social responsibility and create a strategic partnership to see your business growing right from the beginning.

What are the Secrets to a Successful Business under 1 Lakh?

Many business owners often ignore the three most important things to make a business successful. So, suppose you are looking for the best business ideas under 1 lakh and make them successful. In that case, you must keep the three impotent rules: filling the crucial needs or wants amongst the targeted consumers, operating the business efficiently, and making good profits.


We live in a world where starting a business of any scale won’t cause a fortune or involves lots of hard work and effort. After the advent of internet technology, it has become easier for people to start their businesses easily and with a small investment.

If you have chosen any business to start with 1 lakh and have the basic requirements to commence the business, you need to set up your virtual store and commence your business immediately. However, if you need help or assistance to start your business with 1 lakh, seek help from experts and see your business flourishing.


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