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We Debunk 5 Myths About Online Selling

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Online business models are constantly changing. And with the current level of cutthroat competition, successful sellers on eBay and Amazon are having to get creative. The answer for many sellers? their own paid or free online store built using an online store builder. From needing a lot of money to poor return on investment, there is a whole universe of myths about what not to do when it comes to online selling. In this guide, we debunk common myths to tell you how it really works. Read on!

Online Selling Is Hard and Requires Investment

To sell on Instagram or not to sell on Instagram? that is the question. It’s true that online selling (Instagram or otherwise) is demanding and requires a lot of dedication. However, some people think that the problem with starting an online business is that it requires a lot of upfront investment, which is false. People who have a small amount of capital (and a lot of creativity) to start up an online business can be just as successful in their endeavor. While there are a number of different options when it comes to starting a business on a paid or free E-commerce website, most of them do not require a large upfront investment.

Online Selling Doesn’t Make You Money

That online selling doesn’t make you money is a false impression many people are under. Online selling can actually save you money as a business owner because it eliminates a lot of overheads associated with brick-and-mortar setups, such as electricity, rent, and other fixed costs. By opting for a free online store (try Windo if you’re looking for a great online store creator), you can cut your spending right at the outset.

Online Selling Requires Technical Coding Knowledge

The third myth about online selling is that it requires technical coding knowledge. The truth? online selling does not require technical coding knowledge at all. if you use an easy online store builder, that is. with Windo, you can create a free E-commerce website from your phone in a few simple taps. No coding, no stress.

Online Shopping Is For Youngsters

Online shopping is not just for youngsters. It’s a convenient, time-saving method of shopping that has proved to be beneficial for people of all ages. Online shopping can be done from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing the user to buy items without leaving their home.

Online Selling Means Doing Everything Yourself

It’s quite the opposite really. Unlike a brick-and-mortar setup, an online shop allows you to outsource many operations including payments and shipping (the latter, with the help of a third-party courier service).

With a streamlined online store creator like Windo on your phone, you can divide the work and focus your energies on your product.


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