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Why Instagram Is a Better Place To Sell Your Products Than Amazon

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Instagram shopping is all the rage amongst tech-savvy millennials. So, needless to say, there’s a burgeoning market for sellers. With digital marketing moving further and further away from the old traditional methods of print or commercials, Instagram has emerged as the go-to marketing vehicle for forward-thinking marketers. While it may seem like an intimidating process at first, there are ways to make sure you are successful with your Instagram shop. Here are some upsides you should consider for jumping on the Instagram bandwagon.

More People Are Using Instagram

With the advent of paid and free online stores and E-commerce website builders, there’s a spike in the number of small and mid-sized business owners. With 1.386 billion users now on Instagram, there’s a captive market waiting to be tapped. Easy marketing, check!

Any Size of Business Can Thrive on Instagram

Any size of business can thrive on Instagram with the right strategy. And you don’t need a big budget or a massive marketing team to succeed with your Instagram shop. A smart marketing strategy and a little effort can work magic.

Instagram Stories Are Easy Marketing

Instagram stories allow you to reach new customers on Instagram. If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to market and sell on Instagram, amp up your engagement via Instagram stories.

Instagram Influencers Are The New Vogue

Instagram influencers are taking social media by storm. Many of these “influencers” leverage their social media following to promote themselves and generate income through sponsorships and product placements.

Customer Engagement Is Easy On Instagram

From posting photos and videos, to ‘following’ other users, to ‘liking’ and commenting on other users’ posts, there are a plethora of engagement tools on Instagram. Many businesses on Instagram use the app’s features to interact with potential customers in a way they otherwise might not have been able to do on other sites. If you’re looking to go big with your business, setting up a paid or free online store can be a great next step. With Windo’s free online store builder, you can create your own E-commerce website in a few easy taps.


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