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Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Selling on Instagram?

Even with a paid or free online store, marketers know that selling on Instagram is not just a possibility, but also the main focus for new ways to make money online. Whether it be direct sales or the re-sale of products via online store builders, Instagram offers plenty of possible opportunities for making money. Here’s how.

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Instagram Has a Global Reach

Instagram has a global reach due to its accessibility across platforms and devices. There are over 100 million active users on Instagram. Globally, Instagram is the third most popular social media platform, after Facebook and Whatsapp. Imagine the potential you hold as a business then, in penetrating new markets, both local and international.

Instagram Is Great For Visual Merchandising

Instagram is a social media platform and an online photo-sharing, video-sharing, and video-live streaming application. It is a good platform for merchants to market their products and services. The spiffier your photos, the higher the chances of a customer clicking on your account (and then turning that into a purchase). It’s amazing what great visual merchandising can do for your business!

Instagram Is Great For Influencing

Instagram is great for influencing people. How? when influencers share their lives in the moment with followers, it inspires an intimate connection with both friends and strangers. This can be great for advertising and marketing and is a very effective way to get the word out about your business or Instagram shop.

Instagram Builds Brand Awareness

With over 200 million active monthly users, Instagram helps users build brand awareness for companies, products, services, and events. Users can then share pictures that represent their business and provide commentary about how their business is different than others.

Instagram Allows Personal Connections

Instagram helps us build personal connections with those we care about. Case in point? our customers. It is a powerful platform for people to post and share photos and videos with their followers. These posts and videos can range from anything personal, such as photos of a product launch, to something more general, like a recap of your brand story.

If you’re looking to sell on Instagram, start by setting up an aesthetic Instagram shop. Windo can help you extend your storefront and give you the last-mile advantage of completing your payments, shipping, and more under the same roof. Our easy online store builder lets you magic up your shop in a matter of minutes. So, you can go from setup to sales lightning fast.


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